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Sunday, April 08, 2007

George W. Bush's "carbon footprint" vs. that of " BIG carbon footprint" Al Gore

Folks, here is a very enlightening washingtontimes editorial that gives us some interesting facts illustrating the hypocrisy in Al Gore's global-scare about "global warming."

While Gore is jet-setting all over the place and gobbling up fossil fuel faster than you can say "enrich Ahmadinijad," President Bush is light years ahead of him by constraining the carbon footprint of his own home and property in Crawford, Texas.

Read about it below and at the above link.
"Houses and masters"

"In recent weeks, chortling e-mail comparisons of President Bush's relatively eco-friendly Texas ranch with the energy-gobbling Tennessee mansion of former Vice President Al Gore have buzzed around the Internet. Chiefly of interest to global-warming skeptics, they also find an audience with anyone with a taste for measuring hypocrisy. Is this churlish? Sure. It is a game of "gotcha"? You bet.

The facts virtually guarantee that this would happen. Mr. Bush is supposedly anti-environment. Mr. Gore is supposed to be the environmental conscience of the nation... But only one of these men lives in a home straight out of "Bobos in Paradise," and it's not Al Gore.

...Mr. Bush's 4,000-square-foot home uses geothermal heat from water pumped 300 feet into the earth, where the temperature is a constant 67 degrees. The water warms the home in winter and cools it in summertime. The system uses an estimated 25 percent of the electricity in comparable home heating and air-conditioning units. Mr. Bush's ranch is relatively water-efficient thanks to a 25,000-gallon underground cistern, which purifies rain and home wastewater before the newly clean water is used to irrigate the surrounding landscape of native high-prairie plants and flowers. In other words, Mother Earth can breathe easy.

The particulars of Mr. Gore's 20-room, 10,000-square-foot Belle Meade mansion are by now well known, thanks to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. The Gore house consumes more energy in a month than the average American household does in a year. Mr. Gore spent nearly $30,000 on gas and electricity in 2006..."

First, those who talk the talk should also walk the walk... Second, and what's less obvious: If we're talking about hypocrisy and not questioning the underlying goal of reducing one's "carbon footprint," shouldn't the left be pleased that such a major victory for the environmentally conscious has taken place? We should think so. But we're not hearing it..."

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