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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy, two lifelong anti-war/anti-troops pols... circa 1971-72... at an anti-war event to defame U.S. troops in Vietnam...

Here we have John Kerry and Ted Kennedy 35 years ago when they worked to force cutting and running from Vietnam. Now the 2 lifelong politicians from Massachusetts are working to force our troops to cut and run from Iraq. They undermined a sitting President then, just like they've undermined President George W. Bush and our troops in Iraq for the past three years.

Today, a defiant John Kerry refused to apologize to U.S. troops in Iraq and their families for his denigrating remarks that Iraq is where young people will end up if they don't get educated. And this was not the first time he maligned our troops in Iraq.

Anti-war Kerry does not want a military that actually goes to war. He wants a "trophy" military, sorta' like he has trophy war medals he never earned and a wealthy trophy wife to support him in his political campaigns. But most of all he wants the ultimate trophy... the White House. And he's still smarting mightily that he didn't get it in 2004.

In his extremely harsh press conference today, Kerry's abject hatred for President Bush and Republicans was palpable, as he bleated a stunningly hostile rejoinder to Tony Snow's and John McCain's criticisms and calls for him to apologize for his slur against our troops yesterday when speaking to an audience of college students in Pasadena, CA.

Kerry gave several histrionic press conferences today, in the last one shouting "I apologize to no one...!" That was after trying to spin his remarks as having been directed at President Bush... but his actual words yesterday give the lie to that spin.

Meanwhile, his fellow anti-war Senator from Massachusetts was also having to defend himself in the media for his aiding and abetting the U.S.S.R. during the Reagan years---as has just come out in a new book. Problem with Kennedy's denial is that the former Soviet Union's archives were opened and documents from it were released that show that Kennedy did offer to arrange for the American media to put out Breznev's propaganda---and, as the new book states, also Andropov's---in support of the U.S.S.R.'s position in the Cold War. (read about Paul Kengor's new book, "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism," here and here.)

There are two postings in PelicanPost archives on this subject, posted along with the same picture you see above. I would like to see translated copies of all of those Soviet archival documents referring to Edward (Ted) Kennedy, who was already a U.S. Senator when he was undermining the Vietnam War, was a Senator when he undermined the Cold War and is now a Senator who undermines the Iraq war.

Seems to be a hard-left habit that neither of the Senators from Massachusetts are either able or willing to break.

I've heard of no further rants from John Kerry since this statement by President Bush tonight: "The Senator’s suggestion is insulting and shameful," Bush said. "The U.S. military men and women . . . they are plenty smart, and plenty brave, and the senator from Massachusetts owes them an apology... our troops deserve the full support of our government." here

The National Commander of the American Legion said this: "As a constituent of Senator Kerry's I am disappointed. As leader of The American Legion, I am outraged," said National Commander Paul A. Morin. "A generation ago, Sen. Kerry slandered his comrades in Vietnam by saying that they were rapists and murderers. It wasn't true then and his warped view of today's heroes isn't true now..." breitbart

The National Commander of AMVETs said this: “For the Senator to suggest that today’s United States military is made up of uneducated men and women who didn’t ‘study hard’ or ‘make an effort to be smart’ is ridiculous and appalling... The men and women in uniform today make up the most advanced, highly-educated force ever seen. To suggest otherwise is a slap in the face to every soldier, sailor, airman, Marine and Coast Guardsman who has spent countless hours working to better him or herself. This is also an insult to every person and organization who has worked tirelessly to provide our troops and their families with education benefits.

Senator Kerry should retract his remarks and apologize immediately... It is especially outrageous coming from a member of the U.S. Senate...” breitbart

Rep. John Boehner was on John Gibson's show on FNC, as they waited for Bush to speak about Kerry's remark. When Gibson asked Boehner if he thought Kerry would apologize, Boehner said he'd better, because "if he doesn't, we'll beat him up until he does..." I'm good with that.

Stay tuned, folks... This media-storm won't be ending any time soon. Personally, I'm delighted to see some heat on John Kerry for his arrogant faux pas grande---one week out from the election---reminding everyone why they voted the way they did in 2004. And why we absolutely must keep a Republican Congress---both House of Representatives and Senate.

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