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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hillary "Iron Matron" Clinton lost her debate with Spencer... and ran from openly answering all questions and debating her hard-left record...

According to Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Hillary Clinton lost her debate with Republican John Spencer---her opponent in the U.S. Senate race in New York. Spencer did not hesitate to challenge the Iron Matron and give her a sharp reminder, when she was using the debate as a political opportunity to slam President Bush and acknowledge that she is thinking about running for president in 2008, that she is "not the President yet."

Shame on New York Republicans for not actively supporting Spencer. They appear to have just written him off and left him to twist in the political winds. Too bad. They could have given him some high-profile publicity that would have helped him in this race and in the future.

They also missed an opportunity to spend a couple of months running national ads to rough up the totally-scripted, answer-no-questions, presidential-hopeful former "first lady," who is known to have used off-camera gutter language that no self-respecting "lady" would ever use---before she gets in full presidential-campaign mode.

From her expressions of irritation and contempt shown in the video-clips and pictures of the debate, it's easy to conclude that the Iron Matron was having to really bite that tarnished tongue.

If Clinton's skin is that thin in a Senate-race debate, imagine how she will respond to renewed questions about such things as her mysteriously elusive Rose Law Firm billing records and her U.S. Grand Jury non-testimony where her compliant memory failed her over 50 times---when contenders in the race for President go for her jugular.

A few excerpts are below, or you can read the entire piece here.
"Hillary Loses Senate Debate . . . Big Time"

"On Friday night, Hillary Clinton finally had to face an unscripted, uncontrolled media event -- a debate with her feisty opponent John Spencer, the Republican candidate for Senator from New York this year.

Spencer pinned her ears back with his opening statement when he declared: "I am the only person here who really wants to be the Senator from New York .... she wants to be president."
And then he exploited the opening by reminding Hillary "you're not the president yet."

During the debate, Spencer highlighted Hillary's vote against the NSA's wiretapping program and her efforts to kill the Patriot Act. John Spencer began his challenge to Hillary tonight. The race starts today.

Hillary's huge financial advantage and her lead in the polls was of little use tonight because it was obvious that the empress has no clothes. While Hillary gave scripted, rehearsed answers, Spencer challenged her failure to deliver on her campaign promises of 200,000 new jobs and mocked her refusal to accept blame for anything...

But beyond the words, there were the appearances. Hillary Clinton was a Richard Nixon look-alike tonight---angry at having to waste time justifying her Senate tenure in something as trivial as an election.

John Spencer may not beat Hillary, but he sure made her sweat tonight..."

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