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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"The Harry Reid Do-Nothing Miracle Investment System..." a/k/a "How you can make millions by having Dirty Harry 'do nothing' on your behalf..."

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid now has his own pre-election scandal coming to the fore..., as he tries to pooh-pooh his now-coming-into-the-sunshine influence peddling and profiteering to benefit himself, his extended family, his shady partner, and other Nevada heavy-hitters of gaming, development, hard-rock mining, Indian affairs, and so on.

Hey, you guys... Y'all just have to read all about "Harry Reid's Real Estate Investing Plan," Mac Johnson's characterization of Senator Reid's unique ability to hide a windfall of $1M+ by committing "clerical errors for fun and profit."

Johnson asks: "Haven’t you always dreamed of a way to make money that was as automatic as the creeping bureaucracy that afflicts our nation’s cash flow like fiscal atherosclerosis? Well dream no more, friend, because today I am going to let you in on one of the great secrets of American business (and the mainstream media): The Harry Reid Do-Nothing Miracle Investment System!

Through this system, you can sit back and watch the cash roll in from questionable desert real estate investments with the sort of reliability that only government can provide. The system is as simple as it is hidden through shell corporations, nepotism and political contributions. Yes, there are just three easy steps to mogul-like millions in Las Vegas real estate:

Find a parcel of land made undesirable by government environmental regulation, utility leases, or simple pesky zoning!

Hire a Reid, invest with a Reid, contribute to a Reid, but above all, know a Reid! Be patient while Sen. Harry “Papa” Reid does NOTHING UNUSUAL on your behalf and watch those government barriers to wealth melt away!

Got a stupid endangered tortoise on your worthless land? Let Harry Reid show the BLM a real “shell game” as that value-killing protected habitat is inexplicably moved miles away! Want to build a primo strip mall in a residential area? Just have a “Casino Lawyer” drop Papa Reid’s name like a severed horse’s head into the silk sheets of local government. Bada-bing! The zoning changes almost as fast as the value of the land!

Bought thousands of acres of land ruined by a pre-existing government power line lease? Just pick up your personal “power line” to Harry Reid and watch with glee as he does NOT use his influence to push a special bill through Congress. ZAP! The federal right-of-way is moved right out of your way … instant millions...!

In fact, the system is so successful that Harry Reid, that beacon of morality from Searchlight, Nev., can now stop worrying about money altogether, and concentrate on his true calling: fighting the “culture of corruption” in Republican Washington. Get with the system! It works for Harry, Harry’s friends, Harry’s sons, and even Harry’s son-in-law—but that’s a whole other (998 acre) story. The system can work for you, too..."

Read the entire outstanding and entertaining *****Five Star, must read column here. It's the best piece I've seen anywhere highlighting Reid's blatant abuse of his position of influence in the U.S. Congress.

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