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Friday, October 27, 2006

Breaking News! CNN just aired their campaign contribution to Democrats called "Broken Government" & sandbagged Lynn Cheney with false accusations...

By Jacqueline
27 October 2006, 9:30 p.m., EST

Exactly one week before the national election, hard-left CNN has just aired an extensive political hit piece on George Bush and Administration policy, the Bush Doctrine, Republicans in Congress, and Republicans running for Congress. A big, huge honkin' smear.

The name of this ultra-dramatized hatchet-job---in which CNN uses some disgruntled Republicans to reinforce their broad-brush view that government under Republican leadership is corrupt, overcome by power, and incompetent---is "Broken Government."

CNN's main objective in this partisan yellow production---enhanced by a tone of impending doom throughout and an air of something sinister and evil---is to influence the election against all Republicans running for election or re-election to Congress. This incremental production was a prime example of electioneering to indoctrinate the American electorate one week out from the election.

The power-starved and embittered hard-left's politics of personal destruction hit machine has just pulled off the ultimate dirty trick---a one-sided high profile political-hit advertisement... in prime time... on cable television... with no opportunity for rebuttal by the other side.

If anyone out there had any doubt about the abject bias of CNN, their "Broken Government" series should remove all of it. Almost as reprehensible was Wolf Blitzer's hatchet job on Lynn Cheney, in which he blindsided, grilled and tried to smear Cheney about "sexual content" in books she had written in the past---when she had been invited on his show to talk about her new children's book ," Our 50 States."

Of course, Cheney made it clear that the accusations---made by Jim Webb, George Allen's opponent in the VA Senate race---were outright lies, but Blitzer kept it up even after she complained that she had already spent most of the 15 minutes of Blitzer's interview responding to questions about comments her husband had made and comments made by Webb.

Blitzer wanted to make some news at Lynn Cheney's expense to counter the expose of Webb's explicit sexual content in one of his books regarding a sexual act performed on a four-year-old boy. (Read it at drudgereport.)

It's no wonder that CNN's viewership is continuing to go down the tubes. Now the FEC should investigate them for their blatant electioneering and political campaign contribution to the Democrat Party and all Democrats now running for Congress, during the six-week period before a national election---something we all know to be a violation of federal law.

Since CNN is intent on presenting a broad picture of corruption, why don't they do a "Corrupt Democrats" production, including Jack Murtha's finally exposed role in the sensastional ABSCAM scandal---as shown in "the full 54-minute FBI Abscam surveillance video proving U.S. Rep. Jack Murtha (D.-Pa.) negotiated a $50,000 cash bribe from a man he believed to be an agent of a rich Arab sheik—but who was in reality an undercover agent for the FBI."

The video, available at www.YouDon’, proves that Jack Murtha has been lying for 26 years about his involvement in Abscam, the biggest congressional corruption scandal in history..." (Read about it at humanevents.)

And while CNN's "Broken Government" implies that Republicans are responsible for the "earmark pork" slipped anonymously into Congressional bills, here's the truth about who is the real power in the Congressional porkbarrel machine: Jack Murtha was " recently listed as one of the most corrupt members of congress by the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. More recently, Murtha was subject of a New York Times piece titled “Trading Votes for Pork Across the House Aisle,” where he said, “Deal making is what Congress is all about...” (More at humanevents.)

Sooooo..., CNN... how about it? How about an equal time expose of the multitude of corrupt Democrats who have held and/or currently hold federal public office, the Congressional Democrats' corrupt contributions to "broken government," and their holding the all-time record for deal-making that enables them to bring home the pork-barrel bacon to their home states?

It's only fair... and balanced...! Go ahead, just pretend you're Fox News Channel.

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