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Friday, September 29, 2006

The problem with the United Nations is....

It hasn't been "united" since the Dag Hammarskjold era passed and the "new world order's" obsequious appeasement crowd installed themselves in diplomatic perpetuity... putting down metastacizing roots in every nook, cranny and expense account at Turtle Bay... and a direct pipeline tap into the U.S. Treasury...

The following was U.N. Secretary General Hammarskjold's philosophy:

"The work for peace is basically a work for the most elementary of human rights: the right of everyone to security and to freedom from fear."

Sounds like a man "W" could have "worked with."

(Hat tip to Michael Ramirez for political 'toon.)

On the subject of the United Nations, here is Mark Steyn's take... Read it and laugh your head off. I did... and loved every minute of it. Especially his characterization of Iran's heralder of the coming of the Twelfth Imam, Mahmoud "Ahmageddonouttahere... an apocalyptic with a delivery system..."

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