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Friday, July 21, 2006

Victor Davis Hanson: On why it's O.K. for Israel to now "unload on jihadists"... with much of the world's tacit approval...

Folks, this is a powerful analysis by Victor Davis Hanson, "A Strange War: Israel is at last being given an opportunity to unload on jihadists," of the welcome job Israel is at last able to perform in isolating and stomping Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists, while their patron-states Iran and Syria---who necessarily have to stay on the carping-and-threatening-only sidelines---are more and more isolated and viewed as pariah nations.

This is the view even in the Middle East, where a number of countries refuse to either support Hezbollah's and Hamas' current unrestrained and disproportionate terrorist attacks on Israel or condemn Israel's hitting the terrorists back in Lebanon and Gaza.

Call it whatever you want. I call it poetic justice. Especially when the U.S. refuses to interfere with Israel's prosecution of its self-defense in the face of Islamo-fascist terrorism and when Iran and Syria know that if they openly attack Israel or interfere directly in Lebanon or Gaza, the U.S. will help Israel smack them down and remove their WMD capabilities before they get an opportunity to use them.

It appears that Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas are accumulating a significant amount of egg on their all-of-a-sudden less-boasting faces. They are now reduced to holding the weak government in Lebanon hostage, intimidating them to the point of announcing they will support Hezbollah in battle if Israel invades Lebanon. I saw the hesitant, unconvincing announcement a few minutes ago on FNC. It was a feeble and uninspired declaration of their will to fight.

The sad truth is that their rag-tag troops would be very little help to terrorists-for-hire Hezbollah and would probably be shoved out in front as human shields for the only-brave-when-planting-IEDs, beheading innocents, firing missiles provided to them by their terrorist patron-states, and hiding behind civilian populations.

Read some of Hanson's comments below, all at the above link.
"Sum up the declarations of Hezbollah’s leaders, Syrian diplomats, Iranian nuts, West Bank terrorists, and Arab commentators — and this latest Middle East war seems one of the strangest in a long history of strange conflicts. For example, have we ever witnessed a conflict in which one of the belligerents — Iran — that shipped thousands of rockets into Lebanon, and promises that it will soon destroy Israel, vehemently denies that its own missile technicians are on the ground in the Bekka Valley. Wouldn’t it wish to brag of such solidarity?

Or why, after boasting of the new targets that his lethal missiles will hit in Israel, does Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (“We are ready for it — war, war on every level”) now harp that Israel is hitting too deep into Lebanon? Don’t enemies expect one another to hit deep? Isn’t that what “war on every level” is all about...?

After promising us all year that he was going to “wipe out” Israel, is not this the moment for Mr. Ahmadinejad to strike?And why — when Hezbollah rockets are hidden in apartment basements, then brought out of private homes to target civilians in Israel — would terrorists who exist to murder noncombatants complain that some “civilians” have been hit...?

We can answer these absurdities by summing up the war very briefly. Iran and Syria feel the noose tightening around their necks — especially the ring of democracies in nearby Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, and perhaps Lebanon. Even the toothless U.N. finally is forced to focus on Iranian nukes and Syrian murder plots. And neither Syria can overturn the Lebanese government nor can Iran the Iraqi democracy. Instead, both are afraid that their rhetoric may soon earn some hard bombing, since their “air defenses” are hardly defenses at all...

For their part, the terrorist killers hope to kidnap, ransom, and send off missiles, and then, when caught and hit, play the usual victim card of racism, colonialism, Zionism, and about every other -ism that they think will win a bailout from some guilt-ridden, terrorist-frightened, Jew-hating, or otherwise oil-hungry Western nation.

The only difference from the usual scripted Middle East war is that this time, privately at least, most of the West, and perhaps some in the Arab world as well, want Israel to wipe out Hezbollah, and perhaps hit Syria or Iran. The terrorists and their sponsors know this, and rage accordingly when their military impotence is revealed to a global audience — especially after no reprieve is forthcoming to save their “pride” and “honor.”

After all, for every one Israeli Hezbollah kills, they lose ten...

What should the United States do? If it really cares about human life and future peace, then we should talk ad nauseam about “restraint” and “proportionality” while privately assuring Israel the leeway to smash both Hamas and Hezbollah — and humiliate Syria and Iran, who may well come off very poorly from their longed-for but bizarre war.

Only then will Israel restore some semblance of deterrence and strengthen nascent democratic movements in both Lebanon and even the West Bank. This is the truth that everyone from London to Cairo knows, but dares not speak. So for now, let us pray that the brave pilots and ground commanders of the IDF can teach these primordial tribesmen a lesson that they will not soon forget — and thus do civilization’s dirty work... is time to stop the silly slurs that American policy in the Middle East is either in shambles or culpable for the present war. In fact, if we keep our cool, the Bush doctrine is working... Israel is at last being given an opportunity to unload on jihadists; that was impossible during the Arafat fraud that grew out of the Oslo debacle....

There is no longer empathy for poor Islamist “freedom fighters.” The truth is that it is an open question as to which regime — Iran or Syria — is the greater international pariah... And for all the efforts of the BBC, Reuters, Western academics, and the horde of appeasers and apologists that usually bail these terrorist killers out when their rhetoric finally outruns their muscle, this time they can’t.

Instead, a disgusted world secretly wants these terrorists to get what they deserve. And who knows: This time they just might."

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