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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The terrorist rats in the Middle East 'hood...

They toyed with what they thought was an Israeli mouse...

Now, they're getting smacked-around the Hezbollah and Iranian Republican Guard's terrorist neighborhood in Lebanon... with their transportation routes and exits obliterated... while their leaders and supporter-governments of Syria and Iran hurl threats and warnings at Israel and the United States should they defend Israel from terrorist aggression and attacks coming into Israel from Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria.

What colossal nerve to instigate a terrorist offensive and demand that their victims not respond to defend themselves! Where is the proportionate condemnation by other nations of the terrorists' disproportionate firing of hundreds of missiles into Israel to kill innocent Israelis?

Who among the world community can justify sympathy and concern for Palestinian or Lebanese citizens and terrorists under return fire brought on by their unprovoked terrorist attacks on Israel---while at the same time remaining permanently silent about the terrorists' habitual on-going slaughter of Israeli citizens?

Has the rampant, amoral historic maligning and persecution of the Jewish people around the world---and particularly those who have made their home, lawfully, in the nation of Israel---resulted in this cold turning of a blind eye by so many among the world community when Israelis are set upon by Islamo-fascist terrorists whose aim is to annihilate them and remove Israel from the map?

If so, they need to somehow find their souls, for they have surely lost them.

(Hat tip to John Sherffius for political 'toon.)

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