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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Restraint" by Israel = Genocide perpetrated by Iran through its Hezbollah terrorist surrogates...

Folks, here is a *****Five Star, must read column that provides an astute analysis of the history of free nations' "restraint" and appeasement in the face of terrorism and why it is irrational to demand "restraint" now on the part of Israel, a democratic nation that has been subjected to an unprovoked attack against it by Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah terrorists.

Israel has already been pushed into years of such "restraint" and appeasement of Islamo-fascists while they have been the victims of continuous terrorist attacks against their law-abiding citizens and their lawful nation.

The logical conclusion of the analysis is that, for the Israelis---and for all free nations---restraint in the fight against Islamo-fascists terrorists means genocide for the targets of those terrorists who rely on their prey's restraint and willingness to appease. Restraint and appeasement haven't worked in the past and they won't work now.

The terrorists must be stopped now and their means to prosecute terrorism must be obliterated. Every time they manage to survive to terrorize again, it grows their terror cult exponentially---like a multi-headed hydra that, when one head is cut off, others take its place.

You cannot simply cut off the terrorist multi-headed monster's heads, you must destroy the source and power that feeds the monster and enables all the heads to grow. That would include Iran and Syria and their Hezbollah and Hamas surrogates who are attacking Israel or dispatched around the world to terrorize free nations.

Restraint in the face of terrorism is weakness that sacrifices all that is good to the insatiable appetite of evil.

A few excerpts of the column are below, the rest at the above link.
"Israel naturally reacted with force to the provocations engineered by Iran and Syria, aimed to divert international pressure from Iran and their development of nuclear weapons. There is little doubt that Hezbollah’s offensive, directed from Iran, was meant on one hand to divert attention from an impending UN Security Council consideration of sanctions against the Teheran regime, and on the other, show Sunni Muslim jihadists that Teheran is not forsaking its "Muslim brothers" in the struggle against the 'Infidel enemy...'

...The current Israeli operation in Lebanon must be allowed to achieve a decisive goal - the elimination of Hezbollah - Iran’s terrorist operational arm. Otherwise, Iran’s fanatical Muslim leaders will drive the region and the world into total war. The one word the Bush Administration should refrain from using at this time is restraint. Half measures by Israel will only invite escalated aggression in the future..."

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