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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pro-terrorist Kofi Annan demands immediate cease-fire & that terrorist nations Iran & Syria be included in cease-fire negotiations...

Folks, there are several columns in today's news that demonstrate just how anti-Semitic and pro-terrorists U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan is. It is stunning, really. And it is nothing new.

The difference is that Annan has now lost his cool and is frantically trying to escalate his long-running practice of using the United Nations as a weapon against Israel---and is making demands of Israel that he has no right, authority, credibility or impartiality to make. Witness his false accusation against Israel that Israeli troops "apparently deliberately targeted" UNIFIL installations and workers in Lebanon. What, exactly made that "apparent?" Other than Annan's historic hatred against Israel, that is.

UNIFIL's U.N. flag was flown beside the flag of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. It is possible Hezbollah terrorists were firing at Israeli troops from UNIFIL's area. It's also possible that Annan left the impotent do-nothing UNIFIL in S. Lebanon for almost 30 years, since 1978, to assure that Israel would not attack Hezbollah.

It is also possible---even likely---that the present pro-Hezbollah leader of Lebanon and some Hezbollah terrorists were brought into elected office by unlawful votes of the one million Syrians who were re-settled by Syria into Lebanon and never left, as well as the Syrian secret intelligence operatives who did not leave Lebanon along with the pressured-out Syrian army. And by the many thousands of Syrian "guest workers" who are not Lebanese citizens.

When Israel first took strong action against Hezbollah following the recent kidnappings and attacks by Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Palestinian Territories, I saw Annan on FNS defending Syria and Iran as "friendly governments" and characterizing the battles as between "the governments of Israel and Hezbollah."

Since when is Hezbollah a "government?" It is not the official government of Lebanon, even though it has taken over many of the functions of government---the ones that give Hezbollah control over the Lebanese people who have become dependent on Hezbollah and Iran's money for many basic needs.

Annan, as Secretary General of the U.N., has been calling for urgent humanitarian relief for the people of Lebanon. He has not once called for any humanitarian relief for the long-suffering innocent people of Israel who are the victims of thousands of Iran and Syria-supplied rockets and missiles fired indiscriminately into heavily populated cities with the sole aim of killing as many Israelis as possible---men, women and children.

Annan's using his position at the U.N. to run around the world and in front of every possible videocam and mike in a desperate attempt to save Hezbollah from sure defeat demonstrates his pro-terrorist agenda and where his true allegiance lies.

Annan is not with us or with democracy. He is with the terrorists and the terrorist nations Iran and Syria. No doubt he is himself an Islamo-fascist Muslim. His ideology and agenda have infected the United Nations itself and relegated it to being the corrupt and worthless failure that it is.

An excerpted lead-in below, the rest at the link provided.
"Annan pushes for an immediate cease-fire" here

"U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for participants at a Mideast conference Wednesday to push for an immediate cease-fire to end fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas, and he said an international force was vital to a peaceful solution...."

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