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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mark Levin: On the blame-Israel-first hostile mainstream media and hard-left... and the lunacy of "peace" at any price...

Folks, here's another *****Five Star, must read posting by Mark Levin at National Review, "Wrong Again." As usual, Levin is spot-on in his analysis---this time of the "hostile" mainstream media's, and much of the world's, consistently inaccurate and biased reporting on every incident that involves Israel and its self-defense.

They incessantly blame Israel for every terrorist offensive and loss of civilian life, assuming up front that Israel is at fault---even when subjected to unprovoked bombing attacks by Iran and Syria-backed Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists. Always with the underlying presumption that Israel must make sacrifices in the face of terrorists' demands---in order to purchase "peace" at any price. Even at the price of Israel's destruction.

That doesn't conform to any concept of peace that is logical, rational or possible.

By the way, Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists are civilians. They dress as civilians while prosecuting war against Israel. They hide among other civilians and use them as dispensible human shields and targets for political propaganda and asymetrical warfare purposes.

But these terrorist civilians are not, themselves, civilized. They are civilian cowards engaged in barbaric cowardly acts masquerading as war. They hit and then run---to hide behind women, children and babies, knowing civilized armies will be loathe to hit them there.

Israel should sacrifice nothing else for any black-mail and terrorism-induced "peace" to mollify the insatiable appetites of fanatics, Islamo-fascists, and sycophantic appeasement-first Europhiles and leftists of the world.

Nothing. As in not anything else, period.

More below and at above link.
"Did we not learn from Katrina that the Big Media get big stories wrong? As best as I can tell, the U.S. media are repeating most of the information about the bombing of Qana that is being reported by the Arab media, including Hezbollah TV.

I am convinced that the Big Media are not only hostile to Israel’s right to defend itself, just as they are hostile to our efforts in Iraq, but they are incapable of reporting accurately and comprehensively about the war on terrorism.

I’ve yet to see any U.S. reporter or cameraman embedded with Hezbollah reporting about their tactics, brutality, and whereabouts, and sending pictures of all of it to the rest of the world. Of course, Hezbollah has no intention of giving them such access.

So, as in the case of Qana, they run to the scene of the devastation, provide no context or perspective for what occurred (or de-emphasize it), while repeatedly pointing to Israel as the culprit.

Hezbollah uses children and women as shields. They lob rockets and missiles into Israeli population centers. Conversely, the Israelis drop fliers on town they are about to attack, urging civilians to leave (and in Gaza, Israel actually has called ahead to private homes urging the occupants to leave). Yet, Israel is blamed for Hezbollah’s terrorist tactics...

Meanwhile, Iran and Syria have blood on their hands — having trained, funded, armed, and provided logistical support to the terrorists — and we hear precious little about their culpability..."

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