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Saturday, July 15, 2006

John Bolton provided strong leadership, succeeded in getting unanimous Resolution against N. Korea in U.N. Security Council

Breaking News! Great News, just aired by Fox News Channel...

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton succeeded today, after his strong leadership and almost daily televised communication with the American people et al, in getting a forceful Resolution passed unanimously by the U.N. Security Council to hold North Korea to account for its violations of the requirements of the international community. The Resolution requires that N. Korea uphold its agreed-upon commitments/treaties, cease all violations of those agreements, suspend all missile tests now, and cease proliferation of banned weapons and weapons-technology sales.

As Bolton said in his strong address following the unanimous vote of the Council, "this is the first such Resolution since 1993." He added that "we look forward to N. Korea's unconditional and immediate compliance with this Resolution."

It took unrelenting negotiation and convincing to get Russia and China to finally reach the point of agreeing to sign on to a Resolution with teeth in it, but they finally came around after communications with N. Korea did not produce acceptable results.

It probably didn't hurt that, in the latter part of this week, Bolton openly responded to a press question about what China would do---by responding that a vote would be called for and it would be up to China make their decision whether to vote in agreement, abstain or have the world see them veto this important and necessary Resolution.

It probably also didn't hurt that the G-8 met during this same time frame and the U.S. took the bold step of nixing membership in the WTO for Russia. This comes at a time when Russia is forcefully striving to rebuild its influence, particularly among the breakaway states of the former U.S.S.R., many of which have chosen to establish democratic forms of government following the breakup of that Communist amalgam. Ukraine and Georgia, for example.

It also comes at a time that Russian President Vladimir Putin is back-sliding and reversing democratic reforms that took place in Russia following that dissolution. Putin's distaste for President George W. Bush's recent criticisms about his back-sliding resulted in his taking public potshots at Bush---at a highly visible press event in St. Petersburg, Russia, where both leaders took questions. Not exactly a diplomatic or dignified action on the part of Bush's G-8 host.

At 1:30 p.m. today, following the Security Council's vote on the N. Korea Resolution, N. Korea's Ambassador to the U.N. Pak Gil Yon said that N. Korea totally rejects the resolution. This comes as no surprise. What remains to be seen is whether N. Korea will actually follow through on their choice to fly in the face of the international community and remain a genocidal pariah nation that is sustained by handouts from other nations---handouts that enable it to further build its expanding nuclear military state on the corpses of millions of its citizens it has willfully starved to death.

Now that we have a Resolution against renegade N. Korea, we need to get a strong U.N. Resolution condemning and prohibiting renegade Islamo-fascist Iran's continued nuclear development---which is designed to provide them with nuclear weapons they can use against Israel and the West and to dominate and/or subjugate their Middle East neighbors---and requiring Iran to open their entire nuclear development and weapons facilities for inspection and monitoring.

Such a resolution should include automatic and immediate sanctions and blockades, should Iran fail to abide by the Resolution. If those actions don't deter axis-of-evil terrorist Iran, then we have no choice but to destroy their nuclear program in its entirety, remove the messianic terrorist Mullahs and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from power, and turn the Iranian government over to its people---to establish a government of, by and for the Iranian people.

Why not a Marshall-style plan for Middle East terrorist supporting and exporting countries like Iran and its sidekick Syria to help their citizenry transition to free and democratic governments? A planned process where education in democratic governance precedes turnover, in increments, of the full powers of government---to build a government that has a body of law that is not centered around the now-distorted anti-democratic Islamic religion with its totally discriminatory and anti-democratic Shari'ia law.

A dark age culture of barbarism, terrorism and death has no place in a civilized modern world.

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