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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Funny, the Arab world is not rushing to the aid of Hezbollah's leader in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah...

Folks, in today's nysun, there is a very interesting column, "Leading Saudi Sheik Pronounces Fatwa Against Hezbollah," that explains why Muslims are not only not unified in support of Hezbollah and their kidnapping of Israeli troops in Lebanon and Gaza, they are also not rushing to the defense of Hezbollah spiritual leader in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah.

Further, they are condemning Iran's imperial ambitions and their (Hezbollah) proxies' showering missiles onto Israel and running raids across Israel's borders.

It appears that infighting among various Islamic sects is also at the heart of the bloody sectarian violence going on in Iraq that threatens to weaken the new government and drag the country into a wider civil war.

It also appears Hezbollah was laboring under the false impression that the entire Arab world would rush to help them, for it has not occurred.

Below are some excerpts, the rest at the above link. There is also more information on this topic at jayreding where he links to an excellent Amir Taheri column.

Jay says: "... At one point, the divisions in the Arab world between Shi’ite and Sunni were secondary to pan-Arab nationalism and anti-Israel sentiment.

Today, those divisions have come back with a vengeance, not only in Iraq, but across the Arab world. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other predominantly Sunni states failed to strongly support Hizb’Allah last week when the fighting broke out...

The only way that Hizb’Allah can win is if Israel backs down and allows them to survive. They appear to have to intention of doing that – Hizb’Allah is on the path of destruction, and that should send a lesson to anyone else who wishes to follow in their footsteps..."
NY Sun: "One of Saudi Arabia's leading Wahhabi sheiks, Abdullah bin Jabreen has issued a strongly worded religious edict, or fatwa, declaring it unlawful to support, join or pray for Hezbollah, the Shiite militias lobbing missiles into northern Israel.

The day after Hezbollah abducted two Israeli soldiers on July 12, Sheik Hamid al-Ali issued an informal statement titled "The Sharia position on what is going on." In it, the Kuwaiti based cleric condemned the imperial ambitions of Iran regarding Hezbollah's cross border raid.

The surprising move demonstrates that Sunni Muslim fundamentalists in the Middle East are deeply divided over whether Moslems should support Hezbollah, Iran's Shiite proxies in the war raging in Lebanon...."

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