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Monday, July 10, 2006

Dallas County hospital plans to bill Mexico and other nations for healthcare costs for indigent illegal aliens...

Get a load of this! Dallas County hospital has determined the amounts that foreign nations owe it for healthcare it provided for illegal-alien indigents and announced that they are billing those nations for that care.

Mexico was determined to have gotten 90% of that care and Hugo Juarez, a consul official at the Mexican Consulate in Dallas, was incensed by the pending bill. In his response, "he called the statements made by the judge 'a strange posture, a strange reasoning.' He said there had been no agreement or contract between his nation and Dallas County that would make such action legal..."

Helloooo...! Just what exactly is legal about foreign nationals scabbing healthcare off of a Dallas County hospital, leaving Dallas County legal citizens picking up the tab?

If Senor Juarez doesn't like his country's getting the bill, he needs to get his country to bring all its strayed citizens who have broken U.S. laws home and provide healthcare for them there. And he needs to pack his Consul bags and go with them.

Adios, amigos... Don't let the Gila monsters bite you on the way out...

Read about it below and here.
"Dallas hospital plans to bill Mexico"

"Parkland Memorial Hospital plans to bill Mexico and other countries to help cover the costs of health care for indigents. The plan, which also seeks payments from adjoining counties in Texas, has brought a negative response from the Mexican government, with a diplomat terming it "an act of discrimination."

Last year, hospital officials said, Dallas County spent $76.5 million to treat people from outside Dallas. Of that, almost $27 million was not reimbursed... County Judge Margaret Keliher said she was not hopeful that other counties -- or countries -- would pay up. But, she said, the county commission thought the matter should be made public and bills sent. "If you're not Dallas County residents, we think where you are from should pay for your indigent health care," Judge Keliher said...

The hospital has spent more than a week figuring out how many foreign nationals have been treated and how much to bill each of the nations. An estimated 90 percent of those affected are Mexican nationals..."

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