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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Breaking News! Iran's Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon bombed Nazareth, the holy birthplace of Jesus...

Breaking News! Fox News Channel has just announced that a Katusha missile fired from Lebanon has hit the holy city of Nazareth, killing at least two Israeli children. The missile was fired either by Iran's proxy in Lebanon---Hezbollah---or by Iranian Republican Guard troops, 200 of whom are reported to be inside Lebanon assisting Hezbollah in their unprovoked hostage-taking and bombing attack against the nation of Israel.

To date Hezbollah has rained down over 1,500 missiles into Israel, one of which hit an Israeli ship and was a longe-range guided ballistic missile believed to have been provided by Iran and brought into Lebanon from Syria. It is also believed that the elite Iranian Republican Guard troops either fired or aided in the firing of this high-tech guided missile that hit the Israeli ship, killing four Israelis.


Update: Breitbart is reporting that "A Hezbollah rocket slammed into a building Wednesday in the mainly Arab town of Nazareth, killing two children and wounding at least two other people, Israeli authorities said... The two children were killed by a direct hit from a Katyusha rocket on the building, the army said.

Nazareth, in northern Israel, is revered as the hometown of Jesus and is filled with churches. It was not immediately clear if any holy sites were damaged. The town is about 19 miles from the Lebanese border..."
Read the rest at the above Breitbart link...

Update #2: The death toll from the Hezbollah terrorist-fired missile that hit the holy city of Nazareth in northern Israel is reported, by FNC, to now be three.

Also, Haaretz reports that the first two children originally reported killed were Arab Israeli children. "Rabia Abed Taluzi and his older brother Mahmoud, were killed by a direct hit from a rocket in the yard of their family home on their way to visit their uncle in a nearby house, the Israel Defense Forces said.... A second rocket struck a building in the city's commercial center. Smoke billowed from a damaged building and its roof appeared mostly destroyed... Mohammed Assawi, who saw the fatal attack, told Channel 10 television that the rocket that killed the two children struck in the middle of a downtown street..."

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