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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Breaking News: Corrupt U.N. Sec. General Kofi Annan again sides with the terrorists against Israel by condemning Israel...

No surprise here! Today, Kofi Annan again abused his position of power at the United Nations by advocating for both Lebanon and Gaza, from where Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists have initiated attacks on Israel, and by condemning Israel for "disproportionate violence" and using defense initiatives to protect its citizens, nation and sovereignty.

It was an inappropriate and ill-timed imperial grab of power and authority for the U.N., through condemnation of Israel and a demand for an immediate cease-fire. It was also unacceptable discrimination against U.N. member-nation Israel and a slap in the face of the United States, which was known to support Israel's right to both exist and defend itself.

A cease-fire would benefit only the terrorists, who could then re-group, recoup their losses, and remain in control of a large portion of Lebanon. And would leave Israel to face those same terrorists again in the future, possibly better armed and fortified next time.

Annan did not bother to mention the "disproportionate violence" and lack of "restraint" of Hezbollah in launching almost 2,000 missiles, indiscriminately and unprovoked, into the sovereign nation of Israel---from the sovereign nation of Lebanon.

The sovereign nation of Lebanon is, by international law, responsibile for any and all attacks launched against a foreign nation from within their territory---even if those attacks are committed by terrorists operating unilaterally from their territory.

Lebanon has been required since 2004, by U.N. Resolution 1559, to disarm Hezbollah and use the Lebanese Army to police its border with Israel and prevent attacks against Israel. They have failed to implement and enforce Resolution 1559 or to seek help from the international community in doing so.

Annan sympathizes with Lebanon and Gaza and their suffering injury and destruction from battles that originated, in the first instance, from their own respective countries---while not expressing similar concern for Israelis who have suffered or been kidnapped, wounded, or killed by Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists.

Most of the terrorist attacks on Israel are coming from Hezbollah-controlled areas of Lebanon, some parts of which even the Lebanese Army is forbidden from entering. Hezbollah is operating as a terrorist state within a sovereign state and the Lebanese government and army have, de facto, allowed them to do so.

Hezbollah is also using the Lebanese people as human shields to assure that innocent civilians are killed by Israel---because it serves the terrorists' political mission that they have the deaths of innocents to scream about to the international community and engender more support for Hezbollah and Hamas and their patron-states, Iran and Syria. They strive to make Israel a pariah nation that people of countries the terrorists occupy will believe is O.K. to wipe off the map.

It is clear that Annan is trying to prejudice the Security Council's actions when they meet in the near future, as well as prejudice the outcome of their deliberations by making up-front declarations as to what has to happen with regard to Israel's defensive actions. He is also seizing this as an opportunity to influence handing over disputed Israel-Lebanon border territory along the Bekaa Valley, including Chabaa Farms, to Lebanon. It appears he wants make a permanent "blue line" that accommodates Lebanon and the terrorists.

Annan has demonstrated that the U.N. is squarely in the terrorists' camp on day 9 of the Israeli military's defense of Israel against aggression and war initiated by Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and Hamas terrorists in Gaza---terrorists who are proxies for their terrorist-master Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran and his lackey, Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Indeed, both the President of Iran and Secretary General of Hezbollah have overtly declared war against both Israel and the United States.

So, here we have---in plain view---the fact that U.N. Secretary General Annan (today) and his sidekick at the U.N. Mark Malloch Brown (a few days ago) are on the record as being against Israel and "with the terrorists"---not "with us." "Us" would be all democratic free nations that operate under the rule of law. Israel is a democratic free nation that operates under the rule of law and did not initiate the present conflicts in Lebanon and Gaza.

It is very telling that, during Annan's address today, he did not ever mention the words "terrorists" or "terrorism." Not even once. Nor did he condemn the terrorists and their terrorism. He was too busy condemning Israel, as usual.

Annan did bring up the subject of INIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon here) and the fact that its mandate expires on July 31, 2006. INIFIL has been a totally worthless "peacekeeping force" whose flag has flown in the Bekaa Valley right next to the flag of Hezbollah, where INIFIL has done absolutely nothing to stop the illegal terrorist actions of Hezbollah against Israel. This is more proof that the U.N. is "with the terrorists." INIFIL's mandate should absolutely not be renewed.

If there is to be an international force in the area to keep the peace and fully implement Resolution 1559, it should be under the auspices of NATO or a newly-created international force---totally apart from the corrupt and feckless United Nations.

It is probably best that Annan revealed his terrorist-hugging, biased position in his speech today, for now Israel will know for certain that they have to go on and totally get the job done in both Lebanon and Gaza and deep-six any opportunity for the United Nations to muck-around in any decision-making process about how Israel puts an end to the terrorist menace once and for all.

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