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Monday, June 05, 2006

Why are the New York Gov., NYC Mayor & NY Congress-members grousing, while hiding that past H.S. grants for NY were miss-spent, diverted, or lost...?

Since the new Homeland Security grants were awarded nation-wide last week, we have heard all the wailing and knashing of teeth by Congress-members from New York, most especially NY Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton. But also by U.S. House of Representatives member, Peter King. I saw the outraged Chuck Schumer on FNC just this morning.

Among all their caterwauling, never did they acknowledge that New York has miss-spent or diverted Billion$ of prior H.S. grants money they already received and could not account for what went with a large portion of the rest of it.

Helloooo....! Surely all those Billion$ in H.S. grants were not given out without any requirement that the recipient states account for how they spent ALL of it. Please tell me that Congress and the President were not that careless and irresponsible! And that the sophisticated government entities of New York have some rock-solid, legal reasons for diverting H.S. grants money---in some cases, to supplant costs that were to have been expended for "formerly self-supporting projects."

So, how about a trace being put on all that money? And how about some believable reasons for why the NY Governor and Mayor of the City of New York can't account for all of it---including all of it that was diverted, converted, supplanted, or is missing?

Inquiring minds want to know---and have a right to know, seeing as how all those Billion$ came out of the pockets of all American taxpayers. Also to know who took it upon themselves to authorize using any of that grants money for other than 9/11 aftermath---damaged infrastructure, the wounded, victims' families, economically disadvantaged businesses, and priority future needs for homeland security in New York City and the rest of the state.

New York got the lion's share of all the original grants money, and rightly so. But they served it up to people, places and uses not included in the grants requirements. They also got the lion's share of the new grants money just awarded. It's time for them to shut up and consider the fact that the rest of the country has to be protected, too.

Besides, their selfish grousing runs the risk of alienating tourists who might otherwise have come to New York to visit Ground Zero, as well as to spend a lot of their after-tax dollars to the benefit of the NY economy.

For shame, New York---and NY Congress-members! Give a thought to your fellow citizens in the other 49 states for a change.

Read about it below and here.
"NY Squandered Billions in 9/11 Aid"

"New York politicians allowed up to one-third of the $20 billion in federal aid awarded to the city in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to be squandered right under their noses, an analysis by the New York Daily News found last December.

But that hasn't stopped some of the same politicians from complaining all weekend about a mere $80 million cut in New York City's federal anti-terrorism budget.

Senators Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer and Rep. Peter King say they're outraged over the new cuts... The bipartisan duo sounded a lot less angry six months ago, when the News uncovered evidence that billions in 9/11 cash had been misspent, gone unaccounted for and, in at least one case, was awarded to the Mafia....

The News study found that:
• Up to one-third of the $21.4 billion in 9/11 cash awarded to New York by the White House had been earmarked for major transportation projects that had no connection to the devastation caused on 9/11.
• $150,000 was awarded to a securities firm that had gone out of business before the 9/11 attacks - plus millions more from the fund was earmarked for formerly self-supporting projects....

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