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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The voices of Americans: "Do you hear us NOW...??"

From the mouths of Americans to the ears of powers-that-be in Washington, DC:

What we want is for you to get the difference between legal and illegal... and that this is a nation of laws for a reason. We want our borders secured and our laws enforced. First and foremost.

Then we can talk about temporary foreign worker permits, so long as temporary workers don't take away jobs from American citizens... and they don't get citizen status for any purpose, including social security... and "temporary" means "for a necessary, defined, and limited period of time only"---as in seasonal harvesting periods, for example, and not for permanent American jobs.

We don't want any illegal entry into this country---no illegal people, no illegal drugs. We don't want any anchor babies loophole for access to American citizenship.

Get it...?

(Hat tip to Gary Markstein for political 'toon.)

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