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Thursday, June 01, 2006

U.S. Senate version of "immigration reform" legislation is getting slammed in many quarters....

In the Pruden on Politics quarters, we get a teaser from Wes Pruden about "incremental progress on getting a little civility in the debate." But, while I agree that the House "yahoos" are revolting (verb) and going on the offense, I have seen very little evidence of the revolting (adj.) Senate "bigots" vanishing.

It's more like the Mephistophelian Senate elites are dodging, weaving and hiding to keep from being broadsided by the public whose opinions they have been ignoring---as they continue to treat that concerned and angry voting public as if they are unimportant, know-nothing pesky meddlers in the superior Senate's "immigration reform" legislation business they've pulled out of a Faustian hat. All the while throwing word-bombs at what they assume to be inferior detractors who have the effrontery to question their outrageous actions and motives.

As any thinking person can understand, the Senate version of the bill not only throws out the rule of law, annihilates the concept of a national border, and rewards--even pardons---a wide range of lawbreaking by both illegal-aliens and employers of those illegal aliens, it also sneaks in a lot of insidious under-the-radar provisions that hamstring Immigration department implementers and law enforcement personnel. It actually allows law-breaking employers who have been enriched by illegal slave labor to be forgiven for millions in uncollected taxes.

And, not only does the Senate's poison bill provide for preferential treatment for illegal-alien lawbreakers in obtaining early citizenship (Amnesty that allows them to jump ahead of the Visa line of legal immigrants and into the Citizenship line ahead of them), it forgives their crimes, forgives a large portion of back taxes, and provides steep penaltie$ against any government employee who reveals evidence of background-check-discovered criminal or terrorist history to even Homeland Security or the F.B.I.!

Why in the two-forty hell would they want to hide that from law-enforcement? If they plan up front to hide the results why even bother with a charade of background checks?

Republican members of Congress and all other Congress-members who support the Senate version of the bill need to have it made crystal clear to them that if they continue to abdicate their duty to uphold the rule of law and succeed in pushing through their anti-sovereignty, break-the-law-and-get-rewarded Amnesty Plus bill in the Joint-Conference negotiations, they will pay a price in any primaries and at the ballot box in 2006 and 2008.

It appears the arrogant elites have forgotten that elephants have a long memory---especially grass-roots-Republican-base worker-elephants. When you lose that powerful base and the money and voters they bring in, it's better luck in the elections, pal. You'll get cut loose way before you end up getting your hat handed to you by the voters.

Here are a few excerpts from Pruden's "The yahoos revolt, and bigots vanish," but you can read the entire piece at washingtontimes:
"The House and the Senate are no closer to agreement on immigration reform, but maybe we're making incremental progress on getting a little civility in the debate. Only a few days ago, anyone who wanted the president to enforce the law protecting the nation's borders was "a racist," "a bigot" or a "nativist..." "Nativist," like "Hitler," is the slur of the season when you're losing the argument...

With the real work at hand in the Senate-House conference over how to reconcile legislation that looks irreconcilable, "bigots" and "racists" and "nativists" have disappeared from the conversation and only the "yahoos" are left among us.... We've elevated the conversation if not improved the debate.

The president's wise men have been caught not speeding, but sleeping. Karl Rove went up to the Hill the other day to set the yahoo congressmen straight on a thing or two, confident that once he explained everything in words of one or at most two syllables, the rednecks, crackers, peckerwoods and chipkickers of the House Republicans would finally get it, or at least get out of the way. He marched down the Hill feeling more like Rodney Dangerfield than Dick Morris, wondering why nobody bothered to tell him how angry the yahoos were...

...the more the House -- or anyone else -- looks at the Senate bill, the more they will be convinced that the senators voted for it in a fit of what the criminal lawyers and headbangers call "temporary madness..."

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, one of the yahoos, set out some of the loopier provisions of the Senate bill that the House negotiators will read...

For example: The $2,000 fine an illegal could pay to become legal is only a fraction of what he likely paid to the coyote who sneaked him across the border in the first place. Some penalty. Under the Senate bill, an illegal alien gets the option of having to pay only three of the previous five years of back taxes. Such a deal, one that legal Americans would die for (and go to prison if they tried it).

The Department of Homeland Security would be required to conduct "background checks" on the 11 million illegals and "encouraged" to do so within 90 days. We can imagine how thorough these checks will have to be, short of hiring millions of new Homeland Security agents.

Under the Senate bill, if an illegal alien applies for amnesty, the U.S. government cannot use any of the information for any other purpose. If an applicant in a burst of brutal honesty admits that he is Osama bin Laden's cousin, or a member of al Qaeda, the government cannot use this information for national-security purposes.

If a federal agent, in a burst of patriotism, sends the information on to the FBI or Homeland Security, anyway, he is subject to a $10,000 fine (five times what the alien has to pay to get amnesty)..."

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