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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, fresh out of drug and/or alcohol rehab, denies he was drunk and makes racist remark against police....

Patrick Kennedy simply does not have the good sense to keep his mouth shut---an unfortunate trait that seems to run in the automatically-entitled Kennedy family. Obviously, he didn't get any treatment---at any point in time---for hoof and mouth disease, since he proves its existence by continuing to open-mouth-and-insert-foot. Could it be that his brain is just too fried for him to grasp the simple concept of think first, then speak?

Among his current mindless, self-protecting blathering and trying to change the subject, is his ridiculous remark suggesting that African-Americans are profiled and treated more harshly by the police and that he was not and is not seeking preferential treatment.

The whole world knows that he accepted, without objection, the preferential treatment he received after he, in a drug and/or alcohol-induced state, weaved his headlights-off car along in the wee hours of the morning, in the wrong lane, narrowly missing slamming into a police cruiser, crashing into a government barrier. And that he then lied to police officers about where he was going, whether he had been drinking, and where he had been. Plus, by lying that he was headed to the capitol to vote in the middle of the night, he abused his position as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Having skated then, he continues to skate now. And after going into rehab to get out of Dodge, off the hot seat, and out of the media frenzy, he is back to his same ol,' same ol' liberal elitist blathering---expecting everyone to believe that he has learned his lesson, changed his life, and is now entitled to admonish law enforcement for their racism. In other words, he's biting the officers who helped him get his under-the-influence a$$ out of a sling. It's Kennedyesque to the max! Another broken twig on the family tree...

Guess the now-approaching middle-age bad boy didn't bother to follow the news about the preferential treatment two of his fellow Democrat U.S. Reps received recently---namely the angry, race-baiting African-American Cynthia McKinney (who slugged a Capitol Hill police officer) and the angry-at-being-caught African-American William Jefferson (who was taped taking a big honkin' bribe and has had U.S. House Counsel trying to protect his right to not have the F.B.I. raid his office to get documents that were subpoenaed ten months ago, even though a federal judge had issued a search warrant for them).

News rumors have it McKinney, whose case is languishing before a federal Grand Jury, is being offered a plea deal for committing a crime for which you or I would have gone to jail immediately, had we done the same dirty deed. Jefferson has received a 45 day reprieve by the President's sealing his F.B.I.-siezed documents that were stashed in his House office.

Looks to me as if Kennedy received preferential treatment of similar nature to that of those
two African-American U.S. Representatives. All three have received unique velvet-glove treatment because they are Democrat members of the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C.---not because of their race, color, sex or hair style. Heaven help Tom DeLay if he had done any of the things these three have done.

So, for bad-boy Patrick to now take a racist potshot at law enforcement now--- while offering to endure typical arrest and booking procedures long after-the-fact, knowing that they can't go back in time to give him a breathalizer or urine test---is in-your-face gratuitous and gloating. An in-your-eye sucker-punch that screams "My duck-for-cover rehab escape from consequences worked again and you are all such fools for getting played...!"

Yesterday, I heard on a cable news broadcast that poor U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy---in addition to having drug and alcohol problems and being in and out of rehab---is also bi-polar (manic-depressive). Bi-polar mental disorder is not something that can be cured or that goes away on its own. It can only be controlled to a degree by regularly administered medication and no consumption of alcohol or mood-altering illegal drugs. It also is a disease of progression, some characteristics of which are poor judgment, sexual promiscuity, pressured speech, lack of self control, illusions of being followed by such entities as the C.I.A., and periods of sustained activity with little or no sleep.

While other Congressmen may exhibit some of those behaviors, they are not exactly characteristics we normally look for when we elect those who represent us in conducting the nation's business. It is truly unfortunate if Patrick Kennedy has these problems. It is also unfortunate if he is allowed to continue being propped up, covered for, and enabled to occupy such a vital position of public trust that affects all of us, our security, and our government's interaction with the rest of the world.

Kennedy has abused his position and his behaviors have brought dishonor to the U.S. Congress. He should step down---or be removed if he does not. The people of Rhode Island---and all the rest of us---deserve better in the people's house.

Read about it below and in nydailynews. Related article at drudgereport about Cynthia McKinney's rumored plea deal in the works.
"Treat me like I'm black, sez Teddy's son"

"Fresh from rehab, Rep. Patrick Kennedy said yesterday he wants to be treated like an African-American from Washington if and when he gets charged for crashing his car on Capitol Hill.
Denying that he was drunk and or that he asked the Capitol Police for preferential treatment, Kennedy, a Rhode Island congressman, said he's prepared "in terms of bookings, in terms of mug shots, fingerprints, whatever they might have me do."

"It's what anyone else would have done to them if they were an African-American in Anacostia," Kennedy said in a shaky voice, referring to the mostly minority neighborhood in southeastern Washington.

Later, Kennedy fretted that "there are probably people who want to throw the book at me a little more to prove that they're not treating me special..."

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