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Friday, June 16, 2006

'Toon round-up from the week that was...!

"W" scored big-time in the June Surprise week that was...

Zarqawi was sent to his last reward, leaving behind a treasure trove of intel to be exploited in myriad raids to wipe out scores of terrorists in the al Qaeda in Iraq network... and round up almost 800 more. Terrorist-nests in Baghdad have been found out and cleaned out of large weapons caches.

"W" made a surprise trip to Iraq to check on the troops and check out the new Prime Minister and the recently appointed heads of the Ministries of Defense and Security---and thank them for serving in the critical jobs they hold. And to assure all of them that the U.S. is going to stay the course in Iraq and in the War Against Terror.

Karl Rove was finally cut loose from the political prosecution in search of bagging a top White House official in the Bush Administration. And Democrats all over were livid and gasping in disbelief that they would not get to see Rove "frog-walked out of the White House" and perp-walked into jail. Tsk... Tsk...

The Senate approved "W's" requested $66B supplemental military defense spending request for Iraq and Afghanistan, which had already been approved by the House. The Senate also strongly rejected (96-3) a proposed bill to withdraw combat troops from Iraq by year's end.

The House of Representatives soundly approved a Resolution to stay the course in Iraq and support and thank our troops and other personnel working hard there to stand up the Iraqis, so we can stand down---when this major part of the War Against Terror has been won, in a critical and strategic part of the Middle East.

More good news came out that: "With the deficit this year seen at about $270 billion, Bush’s promise to cut it in half by 2009 looks to be an achievable plan, potentially reached three years early. And, "since May 2003, the President’s fiscal policies have created 5.27 million new jobs, $1.16 trillion in added economic output, an 8.9% gain in productivity and $14.2 trillion jump in personal wealth." Investor's Business Daily

Also coming out was the very important fact that the confidence of the American people in their President and successes in the Iraq War, Afghanistan War and the greater War Against Terror got a big boost.

All in all, it was an amazing week that will be long remembered. One for the history books... and a president's legacy.

(Hat tip to Dana Summers for political 'toon.)

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