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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The New York Times symbolizes a culture of treason...

According to Ann Coulter today on FNC's Neil Cavuto Show, this "culture of treason" occurred first in the Vietnam War. And, just like they sided with the Viet Kong postition in the Vietnam War, the Democrats are now, according to Coulter, "siding with the al Qaeda position"---as we fight al Qaeda-spawned or inspired terrorists.

The New York Times' treason---acting to unilaterally expose highest-classified national secrets that help the terrorists---has effectively fragged American troops---and possibly you and me. It also demonstrates that The Times is not with us, it is with the terrorists.

The "culture of treason" Times and its illegal-leaks-chasers and sources will ultimately end up with blood on their hands. American blood, our Allies' blood, and the blood of those we are trying to help and protect. The immeasurable damage they have set in motion is irreversible.

Me, I believe that no treason should go unpunished. No one is above the law. And treason is a high crime.

(Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.)

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