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Monday, June 12, 2006

The New York Times published a hit-piece in the form of a weaponized-words, personal attack against best-selling author Ann Coulter and her new book.

Instead of taking the high road and reviewing Ann Coulter's new bestseller book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," based upon her positions, reasoning and arguments set forth in the book---and ranking it for their Bestseller List---The New York Times took the lowest possible road and had one of their hit-columnists make a vitriolic personal attack against her.

Instead of rebutting Coulter's statements that he featured in his mean-spirited, stick-it-to-her, politics of personal destruction attack to insult and ridicule her, NYTimes' David Carr wrote in such a manner as to demonstrate three things:

1) He has a blind-siding, sarcastic and mean style that is camoflaged as humor, that he used to launch a high-profile, cowardly, hit-and-run, weaponized-words attack on Coulter---based only upon his weak liberal elite perceptions and prejucices.
2) He is too much of a coward to take Coulter on in a legitimate debate on the points she made in each of her comments he featured---only to shoot them down with insults---because he has neither the cajones nor the brainpower to challenge her in the arena of ideas, reasoning, and logic.
3) He is just plain, garden-variety jealous. And angry that neither he---nor The New York times, the rest of the mainstream media, politically-dishonest politicians like Hillary Clinton and the pontificating cabal of Democrat Congressmen who banded together to publicly use their elected-office status to condemn Coulter and send her a pompous, admonishing letter---can prevent her fame or her successful books from rolling off the presses, selling like hot-cakes, and commanding a huge readership.

Yet, Carr appears in one instance to be closet-admiring and in awe of Coulter at the same time he and The New York Times' publishers despise her.

I'm sure Ann Coulter is able to come up with a fitting response to the pathetic hit-piece and its intellectually-dishonest writer. However, its mediocrity and insignificance leave it unworthy of a response from her. This is where the choice of "if you must" comes in.

You can read a bit of Carr's shallow piece below. Or all of it in the mainstream media liberal rag that the Gray Lady has become, here.
"Deadly Intent: Ann Coulter, Word Warrior"

"ONCE again, Ann Coulter has a book in need of flogging, and once again, people are stunned by what a "vicious," "mean-spirited," "despicable" "hate-monger" they say she is. Ms. Coulter, who seems afflicted by a kind of rhetorical compulsion, most recently labeled the widows of 9/11 "harpies." It is just one in a series from a spoken-word hit parade that seems to fly out of her mouth uninterrupted by conscience, rectitude or logic.

But Ann Coulter knows precisely what she is saying. Her current book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," is heading to the best-seller lists in part because she has a significant constituency and in part because no other author in American publishing is better at weaponizing words...

But once her lethally blond franchise became part of public consciousness, or at least the lower stem of it that feeds off cable talk, she quickly learned that hyperbole is best sold by the ton...

"She is so smart that none of it is by accident," said Adrian Zackheim, the publisher of Portfolio.., "She knows that a few things she says are bound to get attention. She just probably doesn't know which one." But once attention, negative or otherwise, turns toward her, she is all knuckles and know-how...

You get the idea. Wagging tongue, wagging fingers and before you know it, soon enough you have hundreds of hits on Google News for days to come (this column among them). And just when things threaten to slow down, Ms. Coulter will saw into Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq... Her attacks on the maimed or the bereft engage the thermodynamics of the media marketplace to send her to even loftier heights.

An explosive device is now baked into every book... In "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)", she let readers in on the playbook: "You must outrage the enemy. If you don't leave liberals in a sputtering impotent rage, you're not doing it right."

"Godless," which is already doing gangbuster business according to the folks at Barnes & Noble, suggests that liberalism "is the doctrine that prompts otherwise seemingly sane people to propose teaching children how to masturbate, allowing gays to marry, releasing murderers from prison, and teaching children that they share a common ancestor with the earthworm." Does she believe any of this stuff? I doubt she even knows.

All manner of televised talkfests, including "Today," welcome Ms. Coulter's pirate sensibilities back aboard whenever she has something to peddle, in part because seeing hate-speech pop out of a blonde who knows her way around a black cocktail dress makes for compelling viewing.

Without the total package, Ms. Coulter would be just one more nut living in Mom's basement. You can accuse her of cynicism all you want, but the fact that she is one of the leading political writers of our age says something about the rest of us..."

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