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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Liberals commenting at websites are lamenting the death of al Qaeda's "Prince" in Iraq...

By now, I'm sure you have already heard or read about the U.S. strike in Bakuba, Iraq, that killed Osama bin Laden's proclaimed "Prince of al Qaeda in Iraq." Zarqawi's death has been confirmed by experts and acknowledged by the safe-in-a-cave somewhere OBL.

Not surprising that many Dems are "irked" about this successful U.S. military strike's taking out the top kidnapper, assassinator, beheader, and mass-murder terrorist in Iraq. And not surprising that many terrorism supporters are hailing him as a "martyr," even though he was a prolific slaughterer of women, children and other innocents in his evil blood-lust rampage in the name of jihad. If that and the other above-described evil acts he has committed are what make him a "martyr," then there is no honor to be found in martyrdom.

FNC is reporting that there is cheering in the streets of Iraq. Rational people in this country are cheering, as well.

More below and here.

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"Grass-roots Democrats weighing in on several popular liberal Web sites Thursday morning said that they were troubled by reports that al Qaida's top operational terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, had been killed in a U.S. air strike.

Reacting to the news, one visitor to the Daily Kos complained that using military force to kill Zarqawi "violates everything my America stands for." "It violates the rule of law and invokes the rule of force in what should be a criminal, not a military, matter."

Another Daily Kos'er was irked because he thought the news would "benefit President Bush..."

A third Kos poster suggested that there was little difference between the top al-Qaida terrorist and the leader of the free world, writing: "Now [that] we are rid of one murderous tyrant - how about the removal of another one - believed hiding in a safe-house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...?"

"Over at the Democratic Underground, reaction to news of Zarqawi's death was also negative:
"Convenient too that this would happen now," complained one DU'er..."

"Another DU poster said that killing the al-Qaida chief really wasn't such a big deal, insisting: "Zarqawi was a fringe group of al-Qaida, and definitely not responsible for the bulk of the insurgency and civil war now occurring in Iraq..."
This exhibits more than just passing pique about the U.S. not losing the war and the U.S. military's succeeding in taking out the top al Qaeda leader of terrorist operations in Iraq. Rather, it comes across as gratuitous sour grapes and hate-speech.

There's a round-up on this topic at Dr. Steven Taylor's Poliblog in "More on the Death of Zarqawi" and in another posting, "Zarqawi Killed in Air Raid."

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