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Monday, June 12, 2006

The liberal-elite mainstream media have been ridiculing and parodying Ann Coulter... ever since she wrote a best-seller book they couldn't ban.

This Time Magazine cover is an earlier example of the leftist elite mainstream media's perceiving of and treating Ann Coulter as a threat. Time portrayed her in an insultingly distorted parody---pictorial as well as written---right after her success with her early best-seller book(s) and frequent appearances on cable TV's top-rated news and opinion shows.

Here on the cover, as well as inside the magazine, we see examples of hateful name-calling and motives-questioning, rather than an honest, intellectual critique of---or debate on---the content of Coulter's book(s). Even back then, the MSM were out of their depth and unable to challenge Coulter in the realm of ideas, reason and logic. They knew they would lose. So they made fun of her looks and how she expresses herself.

That's what they do to successful, powerful---or becoming powerful---conservatives. They make personal attacks and accusations that their prey are either dumb, or can't spell, or say things that aren't politically correct, or some such ridiculous thing. Actually, those accusers are really as scared of her as huntin' dawgs who tree a skunk and then run off with their tails between their legs. Of course, in this case, they tried to tree a person who fights back and proves that her detractors are both the huntin' dawgs and the skunks.

Coulter confounds them all---because she's brilliant, beautiful and well-dressed, can spell, is a hugely successful writer, can defend her positions and statements, and throws their political correctness idiocy back in their faces.

I'd like to know who died and made the "Jersey Girls" and their liberal ilk the political correctness police in the first place. Where did they get such inflated egos and sense of entitlement to be able to tout their leftist political ideology and agendas, campaign for Democrat John Kerry, and then hide behind a shield of assumed infallability and political correctness nonsence to protect themselves from any and all debate or criticism?

Time Mag's cover was the fore-runner today's limitless attacks on Coulter, including the published insultingly-distorted lampoon of her today in The New York Times' hit-piece by columnist, David Carr. It is full of name-calling and personal destruction slurs and is devoid of any substantive criticism or debate---all taken to a new extreme.

Carr's attack on both Ann Coulter and her new best-seller book shows the state of panic the left is in---that the marketplace for books, ideas and expression has changed to allow a brilliant conservative author in, elevate her to a status and place that they cannot control and where they cannot silence her.

Times have changed for the old dinosaur media. They no longer have a monopoly on the communicated word. So, instead of making an effort to rise to the challenge and adapt to the new communications milieu, they have turned to politics of personal destruction and hate-speech carping---both of which have been hammering new nails into their slowly-dying rankings, readerships, viewerships and profits.

Now, every time Ann Coulter writes a new best-seller book, lectures on a university campus, or appears on a television or radio show, she gets attacked so viciously---even physically---it evokes a visceral recoiling for those watching or listening---akin to watching a flock of chickens peck-to-death a lone chicken they perceive to be vulnerable. Then when they find that Coulter is neither weak, nor vulnerable to their attacks---they escalate their hysterical attacks in search of some unseen weak spot somewhere they can expose and use to destroy her.

That's what it boils down to. They can't silence her, they can't ban her books, they despise her conservatism and her ability to defend it, and they are frightened by her positions and arguments they can neither rebut nor disprove.

Their frustrated elitist arrogance and political-weaponizing of mass media have been their undoing. They got it the old-fashioned way..., they earned it.


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