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Saturday, June 03, 2006

If you wanta' hide evidence of your illegal activities from th' feds....

Get y'self elected to th' U.S. Congress, where you'll have a stay-outa-jail "speech an' debate" clause shield to protect you from th' pryin' eyes of th' F.B.I

But..., um.... Last I heard, "speech an' debate" was engaged in on th' floor of th' Senate an' House chambers---not in a Congress-member's office. And not on Saturday, when Congress ain't in session.

Does anybody out there know if Representative William Jefferson has a freezer in his Capitol Hill gover'ment office...? He has a big appetite for frozen money, don'tcha'know...?

Sorta' strange, ain't it..., when Congress-members scream their heads off about th' gover'ment searchin' a gover'ment office...?

Guess when some of those arrogant Senate an' House professional squatters-in-perpetuity have been in office an' controlled that turf for ten, twenty, thirty, or even forty-two years like Sen. Teddy Kennedy (D-Mass.).... or almost a century like Sen. Bobby Byrd (D-WVa).... they start thinkin' its their own personal an' sacrosanct real estate, where they have automatic, blanket immunity. If you take that logic to its natural conclusion, they could commit murder in their office an' th' police couldn't investigate it as a crime scene.

Naive me..., I thought it was th' American people's house.... not a safe haven from th' people and the rule of law. So much for gover'ment in the sunshine...!

(Hat tip to Cal Grondahl for political 'toon.)

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