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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The election of Brian Bilbray (R-CA) to U.S. House of Representatives portends similar results in November... country-wide...

Folks, here is a *****Five Star, must read column by Don Feder, "A Pathway to Citizenship -- and Political Extinction," in which he sets out a number examples of how, if Brian Bilbray's win in California is prologue, current Congressmembers will fare at the polls if they embrace illegal aliens and offer them Amnesty Lite.

In my opinion, they will suffer the same fate as illegal-alien-hugging Democrat Francine Busby, who was caught on tape telling illegals they could vote. That, and her pro-illegal-alien immigration position, ensured her loss to Republican Brian Bilbray in a special election for a U.S. House of Representatives seat.

Bilbray is a strong believer in enforcing the rule of law and securing the borders. And he's totally opposed to a guest worker program. That's why he "shot up 30 points to win the seat with 49.5% to Busby’s 45.2% after... (Busby) gave a big, wet kiss to illegal immigration."

I have believed all along that any candidate who is pro-Amnesty (a/k/a "path to citizenship" for guest workers) will experience the wrath of voters in red-state America's primaries and the November election. I had no idea that outcome would materialize, so soon and so strongly, in a 30-miles-from-the-Mexican-border U.S. House District in California. Especially one where the seat being filled was the one vacated by now-jailed-felon, Republican Rep. Duke Cunningham.

This is huge...! But, by election day, it'll be the biggest-honkin' issue all over America. If a joint-conference reconciliation bill is produced and approved, that even hints of smelling like amnesty-lite with a guest-worker program, we'll see a lot of new faces in Washington come January, 2007.

Read excerpts from Feder's piece below, or all at the above link.
"Politicians who want to put illegal aliens on a pathway to citizenship may soon find themselves on a pathway of their own – the high road to political extinction previously trod by Federalists, Whigs and others who lacked the courage to confront reality.

A special election in California and the outcome of the Utah Republican state convention are the first shock waves of what promises to be the electoral equivalent of the bombs that took out Al-Zarqawi...

There’s a lot of pragmatic soul-searching going in Washington nowadays. In a May 30th. article in the we-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-borders Wall Street Journal (“Is Cannon Fodder?”), John Fund notes that of the 17 House Democrats facing the toughest re-election campaigns, 13 voted for the no-nonsense, security-first House immigration bill.

Running in Tennessee to succeed Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Rep. Ed Bryant recently took his campaign to the U.S. Mexican border. Says Bryant, a former federal prosecutor, “The three biggest issues I’m hearing about is immigration three times.” (In a May Zogby poll, immigration came in a close second to the war on terror as the top issue facing the nation.)

Even Republican squishes are starting to get the idea. Representative Chris Shays (R-sorta, Connecticut) told Fund that town meetings in his district convinced him that supporting a “pathway for citizenship” for illegals would be a route to retirement for him...

Listen to talk radio to gauge the rage over illegal immigration. When the Senate votes to provide Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants, most in Middle America feel like they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and are sipping tea with the Mad Hatter and Dormouse...

Sometime this summer, the House and Senate will try to craft a compromise on their respective bills – which couldn’t be further apart. Perhaps the worst part of the Senate bill is the so-called temporary guest-worker program. They’re not guests and they won’t be here temporarily. Estimates on how many of them will be admitted over the next 20 years ranges from a low of 20 million (Congressional Budget Office) to a high of 66 million (the Heritage Foundation). But that doesn’t include the spouses, children, siblings and parents they can eventually bring in....

Ordinary Americans look at a nation that’s losing its language and identity, where blue-collar Americans are losing their jobs (a friend on Cape Cod tells me painters and carpenters there can’t find work, because illegals from Brazil are undercutting them), and wonder if the politicians who ask them to be compassionate have lost their minds.

In Vero Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, Noe Lorenzo Moran, an undocumented worker from Honduras, was arrested for molesting a 12-year-old girl at a swimming pool... A researcher at the Violent Crimes Institute in Atlanta conservatively estimates there are 240,000 sex offenders in America’s illegal immigrant population. Hey, maybe they really are taking jobs most Americans don’t want – like child molestation..."

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