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Friday, June 30, 2006

Don Feder says The New York Times wants to keep Americans clueless about what's in the Senate's "open-borders immigration reform" bill monstrosity...

Folks, here is another *****Five Star, must read humor und witt column by Don Feder at frontpagemag, "New York Times' Open-Borders Hissy-Fit," in which he describes The New York Times' panic upon hearing the Republican Congress is going to take the "immigration reform" issue on the road this summer---to the American people. And explains The Times' hate-America liberal-elitist design for how America and Americans ought to be, how the liberal political elites should be in control, and their modus operandi for accomplishing their mission.

Could it be that The Times' angst over the Republican road show hearings is also due to the fact that the hearings will also provide a forum for discussion about The Times' traitorous act of publishing illegally-leaked, highest-level classified intelligence---thereby neutering a vital covert program to trace terrorist funding sources, conduits and players. An enormously reckless action that endangers national security and the lives of all Americans, especially our troops.

Here are some of the highlights. Or read it all at the above link.
"These are heady days at The New York Times and Tokyo Rose Report... But there’s more to the Times’ efforts to subvert America then just tipping off Osama – much more.

Take its recent editorial (“The Immigration Road Show”) in which Traitors R Us threw a bizarre hissy fit over House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s decision to hold hearings on the Senate’s amnesty bill.

“This was supposed to be a time that the House and Senate got serious about immigration—by working out the differences between their drastically opposing bills and sending a solution to President Bush, who has made repairing the immigration system one of his cornerstone promises to Americans,” the Times intoned, in its typically restrained Jane-you-ignorant-slut voice...

Holding hearings means taking “the Senate bill on a perp walk through red states, relishing the catcalls denouncing it as ‘amnesty’ and using the hearings to milk whatever anti-immigrant sentiment they can drum up for the benefit of their candidates. Their motives could not be clearer,” the Times declaims.

And neither could the Times’ m.o. Its mantra is: Rubber-stamp the Senate bill now! Don’t ask questions. Don’t deliberate. And, for God’s sake, don’t look closely at this 640-page monstrosity... The New York Times will not abide any delay...

America’s newspaper of wretched would rather there was no loose talk about the illegal alien/crime connection – that 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegals, that 95% of murder warrants in the city are for undocumented workers, and that almost 25% of all inmates in California detention centers are drawn from the hard-working folks without “papers” who take jobs most Americans don’t want (like murder, rape and armed robbery).

The Times... wants the whole thing decided inside the Beltway – by the political elite, with the advice and consent of the media elite...

Do you ever wonder what sort of life forms write New York Times editorials...? Do they have pink taffeta tutus hanging in their closets and insist their friends call them Miss Mabel?

Question: What do you get when you cross Cindy Sheehan with John Murtha? Answer: A New York Times editorial writer.

What connects the Times disclosure of a sensitive intelligence operation (while Americans are dying in the war on terrorism) and its insistence on cramming an amnesty down our throats---is a blinding hatred for America.

The New York Times wants America to lose the war on terrorism. Immigration is the elite’s own weapon of mass destruction. Along with multiculturalism, bilingualism, hate-crimes legislation and quotas, they are using it to deconstruct America.

They dream of an America where the majority will feel no loyalty to the land, the flag or the heritage it represents, an America without a national language (where a fragmented population will babble at each other in a multitude of tongues), an America too divided to assert itself internationally, an America without borders, where a de facto merger of the United States and Mexico has been achieved, an America where government and multinational corporations will rule every aspect of our lives...

Imagine Middle America taking to the streets, carrying banners that read “Hey, hey, ho, ho – America’s borders have got to go!”, “Give us Another 60 Million Peons, or Give Us Death,” “It’s Not An Amnesty; It’s Just Rewarding Lawbreakers,” and “National Identity? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ National Identity!”

That will be just down the street from the Jews for Hamas, the Veterans for Fonda, the Sex-Abuse Survivors for Bill Clinton and the Baptists for Gay Marriage demonstrations..."

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