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Monday, June 26, 2006

The American mainstream media treated the mutilation and beheading of American soldiers as a ho-hum non-story...

This is another example of the national mainstream media downplaying huge events where publication of same would engender sympathy for any American troops in the War Against Terrorism---this time about the heinous butchering of two American soldiers by terrorists in Iraq.

It's more than clear now that the hard-left MSM will rush to report anything negative about our troops' behaviors. That's good news to them. It's also clear that they will downplay or bury any barbaric act of terrorism against our troops---even public mutilation and beheading.

The mainstream media have taken so severe a turn to the anti-war political left that they can make a conscious choice to operate in a manner that undermines and demoralizes our military---in the hope that they will lose the war. That way they can blame the loss on a Republican president.

They did it to Richard Nixon and defamed the 50K troops lost in the Vietnam War and all our returning troops. In doing so, they caused the deaths or subjugation to brutal Communism of 1M South Vietnamese.

Whatever we do, we must stop the MSM and the rest of the anti-war traitors from repeating that shameful history and turning the Iraq War and greater War Against Terrorism in to a Vietnam re-run.

Read about it below and in Matt Towery's excellent piece here.
"Media downplayed mutilation"

"Coverage by national media of the two American servicemen tortured, murdered and mutilated in Iraq was revealing.

This gruesome event overseas was reported here against a backdrop of debate on Capitol Hill about whether and when U.S. forces should withdraw from Iraq.

What dramatic impact would this deliberate butchery have had on Americans' opinion of the war effort if most newspapers across the nation chose to make banner headlines of it?

Some did. More typical, however, was the editorial decision at the nation's largest newspaper, USA Today. The full story of these atrocities could only be found deep into the first section of the daily edition.

Liberal media conspiracy...?'s important for news organizations to understand that this kind of editorial reasoning only feeds the widespread belief that a largely liberal Third Estate manages the news to fit their world view, instead of reporting it to reflect the views of most readers.

This is too often done by giving top billing to comparatively insignificant stories...

In coverage of the Iraq war, American troops are often cast as the villains due to the misdeeds of a few. But when they are the victims of ghastly war crimes, it warrants far less focus.

This incident has the potential to galvanize the nation in support of its troops, if not of the Iraq war itself. In days past, the public's reaction would have been swift and certain. Unspeakable mutilation and desecration of young American servicemen would have brought out American flags, and would have become a rallying point for protests and demands for retribution.

Undoubtedly, the end result would have been a big boost to support for America's war efforts.
But these are different times. The reaction to a story can only be as strong as the story itself, and how it is presented. It's hard to imagine that the nation can rally when many of its largest news sources choose to treat this story as just one of many in the course of the day.

Just a few new killings - that just happen to feature barbaric acts such as slicing organs and other body parts...

But this is not a partisan issue. Anyone who believes this story deserves anything less than top billing in every newspaper and on every television broadcast is seriously out of touch. Not just out of touch with the feelings of the American people, but with the feelings of human beings everywhere...

...when I see such a horrific and revealing story largely brushed aside by the news media, my only proper response as a living, breathing human being is outrage...

I'm willing to bet that, because these mutilation murders of our soldiers weren't reported as they should have been, most Americans will go on with no opinion at all.

And that's a tragedy, too..."

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