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Monday, May 15, 2006

Recommended reading: Eric Shawn's "The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World."

Folks, here is a *****Five Star, must read column about Eric Shawn's red-hot new book, "The U.N. Exposed..."

The book goes into extensive in-depth analysis, discussion and detail about the corrupt United Nations. You will find some highlights below---but do read the entire review, as well as the book.
"The U.N. Exposed" is a blistering attack on the world body's corruption, hypocrisies, greed, ineptitude, scandals and crimes against humanity – and it delivers knockout punches on every page.

Shawn, a veteran Fox News Network anchor who has covered the United Nations for years..., reports that today, "less than five miles from Ground Zero in Manhattan, sits an international hotbed of anti-Americanism" ... an organization led by "institutional narcissism" that has fallen from grace in a "decline of its own making...."

In chapter after chapter, many with self-explanatory titles – including "The U.N. Press Corps Cover-Up," "How the U.N. Funds Terrorism" and "The International Anthem – Blame America!" – Shawn details how the U.N. has steadily violated its original mission to prevent future wars by maintaining member nations' forces as "peacekeepers."

Instead, Shawn writes, many of the self-important ambassadors of the U.N.'s 191 member nations, even those from third-world countries, live in lavish residences, are protected by diplomatic immunity.... are chauffered around in limousines, dine in fine restaurants and generally live a lifestyle that "no American not on the Forbes Richest 500 list will ever see...."

....for the honor of hosting America's adversaries and fair-weather "allies," the United States pays a whopping 22 percent of the U.N.'s bloated $1.3 billion annual budget – quite a far cry from Germany (9.82 percent), France (6.5), the United Kingdom (5.57), or Canada (2.57).

Shawn's sweeping exposé includes much more than interesting – and infuriating – factoids.... he discusses the ways in which the United Nations has consistently violated its once-noble raison-d'étre. Among those violations:

1. Failing to investigate the Oil-for-Food program intended to allow Saddam Hussein to sell oil to buy food and medicine for Iraq's starving and sick population. Instead Saddam used the money to enrich himself and buy weapons while France, Russia and China participated in the cover-up, along with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan's son, Kojo.
2. Failing to sanction Saddam when he "rewarded" Palestinian homicide bombers for murdering Israelis.
3. Failing to conduct internal investigations to uproot corruption and balking at outside monitoring, as it did when former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker's commission – which found "grave" conflicts of interest in the Oil-for-Food program – was unable to subpoena documents or force anyone to testify.
4. Failing consistently to condemn terrorist acts.
5. Supporting some of the world's most oppressive governments.
6. Diverting U.N.-supervised funds into weapons used against American troops.
7. Allowing terrorists and rogue states seeking nuclear weapons to flout U.N. resolutions.
8. Trafficking in kickbacks and bribes.
9. Turning a blind eye to the widespread sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. "peacekeepers" of girls as young as 12 in Bosnia, Congo, Haiti, Liberia, et al.
10. Electing international thugs like Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the U.N. Disarmament Commission – the day after Iran announced its advanced enrichment of uranium.
11. Electing brutal human-rights violators like Sudan and Libya to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights – with Libya chairing the commission!
12. Failing to prevent the 1994 Rwandan genocide of nearly 1 million people.
13. Failing to intervene effectively or carry out humanitarian aid during the second Congo war that claimed nearly 5 million lives (1998-2002).
14. Failing to intervene in the 1995 Srebrebica massacre.
15. Failing to deliver food to starving people in Somalia.
16. Failing to reveal that a senior official in the U.N. Development Program, Justin Leites, worked for the Kerry presidential campaign while on the U.N. payroll.
17. Being unremittingly racist and anti-Semitic in its dealings with member state Israel.

Shawn's book reinforces what a growing number of ordinary citizens as well as political commentators have come to agree on. As journalist and author David Frum insists, "It's time to wake up to reality: The U.N. scandals are not unfortunate accidents. They are not incidental blots on the reputation of an otherwise idealistic organization. The scandals are inherent in the very structure of the U.N. It could be said that the U.N. itself is the scandal...."

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