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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Obstructionist U.S. Senators on Appropriations Committee hold Defense spending bill hostage to pork-barrel politics as usual, endangering military...

U.S. Senators on the Appropriations Committee are fighting to force retention of earmarked pork barrel projects worth billion$ in the Defense spending bill now proceeding through the Congress. Their extortion demands are $9.6B above the maximum total President GWB has said he will sign into law. Bush says he will veto the bill if it exceeds that maximum.

Accustomed to their wheeling and dealing for pork barrel goodies that go back to states lucky enough to have powerful Senators or hot-button causes, these long-term powerful Senators are prepared to manipulate the timing of the Defense spending bill to not allow time for Bush to veto the bill and still get the funding passed by Memorial Day.

The House of Representatives passed a version of the bill that is only for Defense spending and is for the amount requested by President Bush. The Senators are playing political games that could endanger the lives, equipment levels and success of our troops in Iraq. Which could also undermine the new Iraqi government formation and stability.

Some obstructionist Senate Committees are out of control. They use political gamesmanship to obstruct the government's business---including providing for the military, national defense, and filling all vacant seats in the federal courts.

This cannot be allowed to continue. We are at war in Iraq and in a world-wide War Against Terrorism that President Bush referred to as "World War III." We have huge budget deficits that need to be cut---not propelled higher.

There is one sure cure for these obstructionist Senators. Vote them out of office and send people to Washington that will put financial support for our military, conducting the peoples' business and responsible spending and deficit reduction first!

Read more below and here.
"Holding Troops Hostage to Pork Barrel Spending Is No Way for Congress to Fight the War on Terror"

"Pork barrel spending has corrupted legislation that would provide emergency funding for American troops fighting the war on terror.

The Senate, and most particularly those senators serving on the Appropriations Committee, is holding the safety and well-being of American troops serving abroad hostage in order to slake its thirst for spending on narrow constituencies,” Baker Spring writes.

As Spring notes, hostage-takers assert that they have “reasonable demands” when they do not. A real example of one of these “reasonable demands”: an across-the-board cut of around 13 percent to reduce the total spending of the emergency legislation to a level that would not qualify for a veto. That cut would slash funding to the troops by $9.6 billion. The pork spending, although reduced, would remain, diverting important resources from military operations.

Emergency spending bills should provide for immediate priorities, and pork, regardless of the cost, has no business diverting funding from the these priorities...."

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