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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Obstructionist U.S. Senate Democrats plan to euthanize formation of purchasing pools that would insure millions of Americans through small businesses.

This is unconscionable! The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passes responsible bill after responsible bill to help small businesses get an affordable means to provide health-care for their employees and their families---only to have the Senate never even bring a similar bill to the Senate floor.

So this vitally important issue that the House has repeatedly addressed has remained dead in the water in the Senate---until now.

But the new Republican bill to allow small business to get affordable health-care insurance by pooling risks to enable them to insure their employees---for whom they cannot now afford to provide high-cost premiums to secure needed coverage---is now at risk of being killed by obstructionist Senate Democrats' use of a procedural maneuver.

As a result, millions of employees of small businesses all around the country will have to continue in their jobs without any health coverage at all---or without any health insurance they can afford to pay the cost-prohibitive co-pays for coverage.

Small businesses are trying to do the right thing by their employees, but they cannot provide health-care insurance at today's rates. Not and stay in business.

Senate Democrats would rather leave them and their employees hanging out there with no insurance than pass a bill in an election year that would redown to Republicans---and to President Bush who supports the House-passed bill.

Guess they don't care about the folks. They're only interested in political gamesmanship and sticking it to Republicans at every bend and turn.

Reminder to all small business owners and their employees nationwide: Be sure to remember how these obstructionist Democrats vote on this bill---when you go to the polls and vote in November 2006 and 2008!

To track how this bill progresses and how your U.S. Senators vote, use PelicanPost links in right sidebar and click on "Congressional Record" under the heading "Government Sources."

You can learn more about this House-passed bill---and how Democrats are trying to kill it---here. A few excerpts below:
"Small-business health bill in jeopardy"

"A Republican bill aimed at helping small businesses get affordable health care in part by freeing them from many state regulations appeared stalled in the Senate on Wednesday, and could be killed in a day or two.

The bill would allow small businesses to form purchasing pools across state lines to bargain for better rates on health insurance. Small business workers and their families account for many of the 46 million uninsured Americans....

Barring a surprise breakthrough, Democrats said they may kill it on a procedural vote as early as Thursday....

The White House has called for the Senate to pass the Enzi bill, although the administration also wants to include measures in the House bill that would allow trade and professional associations to self-insure, as big companies and labor union health plans can.

'Providing access to affordable health care for all Americans and helping small business provide health care for their employees are key components of the president's health care agenda,' a White House statement said earlier this week...."

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