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Monday, May 08, 2006

New book by Eric Shawn exposes U.N. Volcker Commission's white-wash & Bill Clinton's lawyer's saving corrupt Kofi Annan's job....

Folks, the Volcker Commission was little more than a political and legal white-wash, with the direct help of Bill Clinton's lawyer Greg Craig.

The sole purpose of the conflicted Paul Volcker and hard-left lawyer Craig was to cover up as much as possible about about the Iraqi/U.N. Oil for Food Program fraud, facilitate Kofi Annan's having evidence-containing documents shredded, protect Annan's job and his son Kojo, and give Bill Clinton an entre into the United Nations. Clinton has stated his desire to become Secretary General. He has also said he would like to become "President of the World."

Eric Shawn has done a great job of aggressively covering this most extensive and corrupt international fraud in world history and ferreting out the real truth about the entire subversive fraud perpetrated by and through the U.N. and its affiliated contractors---in cooperation with genocidal dictator Saddam Hussein. And in covering the subversive white-wash fraud committed by the Volcker Commission, Kofi Annan, and Clinton's/Annan's lawyer Greg Craig---on the American people and the rest of the world.

I can hardly wait to read every word of Shawn's new book, "The U.N. exposed: How the United Nations sabotages America's Security and Fails the World."

Read more in excerpts below or here.
"Book: Bill Clinton's Lawyer Saved Kofi Annan"

"A new book alleges that U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan was let off easy by investigators looking into Iraq's Oil for Food scandal thanks to the intervention of ex-President Clinton's impeachment lawyer, Greg Craig....

In "The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World," Fox News Channel reporter Eric Shawn lifts the curtain on the Volcker Committee's investigation into the imbroglio - and explores how Annan managed to slip the noose.

"Accusations that [former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul] Volcker went easy on Kofi persisted," he reports. So much so that two of his investigators, Robert Parton and Miranda Duncan, resigned in protest.

Pierre Mouselli, a business partner of Annan's son Kojo, confessed to Volcker's probers that the U.N. chief knew Kojo was doing business in Iraq, contradicting Annan Sr.'s denials. In fact, Mouselli claimed to have personally discussed the matter with both Kofi and Kojo at the 1998 the Durban Conference on Racism.

The Volcker Committee, however, did "not credit" Mouselli's claims..., concluding that "no independent witnesses" could back up the assertion. Mouselli's lawyer accused the Volcker Committee of being "manipulated" by Annan's lawyer, Greg Craig, who handled both impeachment and the Elian Gonzales case for President Clinton.

Inexplicably, the high-priced Washington super-lawyer decided not to charge the U.N. chief for his services. Meanwhile, Secretary General Annan decided to appoint Mr. Clinton as special U.N. envoy for tsunami relief...."

A quid pro quo? Sure looks that way! Kofi and Kojo Annan got protected, the U.N. got a tarnished pass, the Annans and U.N. got free hard-left legal representation, and Bill Clinton got an entre and foot-hold in the United Nations---to pave his way to becoming Secretary General.

According to government reporting, Slick Willie Clinton has gotten ca. $25M (conservative estimate) in speaking payments from foreign countries and entities around the world. Maybe he got Kofi Annan's address book---or access to the United Nations database---to oil the wheels of his "honoraria" gravy train and sweeten his end of the bargain.

Clinton, and his former White House personnel he brought with him, could have worked that deal right out of his new U.N. agency office---a U.N. office that could also have been used as a "war room" to protect Annan and save the thoroughly corrupted U.N. at the same time.

We can't help but wonder if Kofi Annans' unprecedented intrusion into the internal policy and politics of this country by coming out publicly and strongly against the Iraq War and trying to influence a federal presidential election against re-election of President George W. Bush was part of that Faustian bargain. It has that "Clinton war room" imprint and smell.

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