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Monday, May 01, 2006

Marxist Juan Jose Gutierrez, Latino Movement USA leader of May 1 illegal-aliens' boycott, slams right-wing Republicans, demands automatic citizenship!

by Jacqueline, 1 May 2006

Juan Jose Gutierrez, Director of Latino Movement USA was interviewed on C-SPAN early yesterday morning. His remarks were, to say the least, alarming---and very clearly identified the motivation behind the illegal-alien “movement.”

The following are highlights and quotes from Guitierrez’ remarks in response to questions from Pedro---and from a few callers:

1. With confidence he said: “America has shown capacity to absorb wave after wave of immigrants.”
2. He said there should be a “raise in (U.S.) minimum wage to $7.50 an hour and labor rights to organize“ He added “we shall prevail! This battle is all about citizenship.”
3. He strongly criticized the raids by the U.S. government rounding up illegals.
4. He drew a parallel of the plight of “undocumented workers” (ie. illegal-alien Mexicans) to slavery and being “treated as slaves.”
5. He said “the problem is not undocumented workers, the problem is corporate greed of America."
6. He called for “all children---grammar school to university” to join the protest and “all workers to boycott work” on May 1st.
7. He added, “Look, the time for politicking is over, let’s fix this broken immigration system….” He insisted on “comprehensive immigration reform,” saying the (immigration) “quota system is totally inadequate."
8. He wants “guest workers to automatically become citizens.”
9. He drew a false analogy that equated the American border with the “Berlin Wall.”
10. He was very militant and demanding, and blamed the obstacle to citizenship for illegal-aliens on “right-wing propaganda, right-wing agitation.”
11. He reiterated this is a “modern-day slave situation” and bragged that there would be “massive demonstrations throughout the country. People are coming out to say ‘enough!” Then, he reiterated that we have a “broken immigration system without a clear path to citizenship.”
12. He reminded the “Congress of its responsibility to fix the system, fix America,” adding that “Americans are acting hypocritically.”
13. He then said “We’re supposed to have all sorts of rights! America does nothing about the heroic example of all these modern-day slaves! The civil rights war, revolution, was supposed to settle that problem! The President needs to act!
14. He continued: “They come here illegally because the country does not allow it, the (immigration) system is inadequate,” and added that “they only breach the immigration to come here illegally.”
15. He then insisted on “right to family unity,” saying the “system is forcing people to come here illegally."
16. He criticized President Bush’s remarks that the National Anthem should be sung in English, saying “it’s a bogus issue!”
17. Then he had the audacity to say that illegal-aliens are “exercising their constitutional rights to come out and petition the government for reforms.” Then he asked: “What’s this stuff about illegal aliens?” And added: “No people can be illegal! We ARE Americans!”
18. Again hitting at Republicans, he said “The problem is the right-wing of this country, right-wing of the Republican Party…. Tom Tancredo!” He referred to the “Ku Klux Klan” and made another slam on the “right-wing and Republicans.”
20. He then threatened : “We intend to resolve this problem! We WILL have immigration reform! The neo-liberal system of free trade keeps Mexicans from finding work. (Americans) are scape-goating modern-day slaves! It’s time to deal with this problem NOW!”
21. He bragged that on “May 19” they would be “calling for a massive demonstration across from the White House---for full rights for undocumented workers,“ adding that “full rights for full human and constitutional rights for immigrants is our slogan. We can no longer stand for this!”
22. Then the clincher, as he angrily and militantly asserted that: “There’s no invasion of this country! The only invasion was in the 1830s and 1840s, was the American military invasion of our country (Mexico), massacred many of our people, and took half of our country!” He compared it to the “American occupation in Iraq.”
23. In response to a call-in who said they should go back to Mexico and demonstrate for jobs in Mexico and fix the Mexican system, he proclaimed: “We cannot do that!” “We’ll have a civil war! We are Americans whether right-wingers like it or not!” In other words, he was threatening anarchy and civil war in America if they don’t get their way.
24. He proceeded to demand “normal relations with Cuba” and again equated America’s southern border to the “Berlin Wall.”

Another caller accused him of being “here with an agenda to change this whole economic system of America.” Still another caller said “they don’t want to come in this country to become Americans, they want to take it over. I Am black and all I see in this situation is ‘lawlessness. And I think they are invaders in this country.” And another said, after hearing Guitierrez’ rant: “It was outrageous !”

Some callers asked why they (illegal-aliens) can’t fight this battle in their own country. One caller said: “What this guy is calling for is anarchy!”

Folks, this is not just poor workers coming over from Mexico to get jobs picking vegetables and cotton. They are working in many middle-class American jobs that were formerly done just fine by Americans who were willing to do them---at a legal American wage.

American workers have been displaced and forced out of the middle class and onto unemployment and food stamps---while lawbreaking American employers are increasing their bottom line. During the past year, illegal-alien workers sent remittances of $53billion to Mexico---and out of the U.S. economy. If American citizens had been in those jobs, taxes would have been collected on all of it and $53B would have remained in the U.S. economy, not Mexico's.

This has got to stop! And seditious, anarchy-promoting Hugo Chavez-style Marxists organizers of this Latinos-first-Gringos-be-damned movement should be immediately removed from this country.

By the way, "gringo" is an ethnic slur---and it's disrespectful and unacceptable. What they really want is a Marxist browning of America and a purge of "gringos," (ie. white Americans) whom they despise.

Funny, I haven't heard a peep from the political correctness police---objecting to Americans being referred to as "gringos" in Mexico's "Boycott the Gringo Day" today.

See picture and article posted below about Mexico’s Boycott the Gringo Day today in Mexico. In light of their anti-America day, how about a Boycott Mexico, Mexican Products, and Travel to Mexico Day…, Year…, Decade...? Until Mexico keeps their illegal-alien invaders of American borders, sovereignty, jobs and public services in their own country!
By the way, here is a *****Five Star,must read by Tom Tancredo, the U.S. Congressman maligned by Director Guitierrez of Latino Movement, USA, titled "A Day Without an Illegal Immigrant: An imaginary exercise."

It begins with "What would a day without illegal aliens really be like? Let’s try to imagine it.
On May 1, millions of illegal aliens working in meat-processing plants, construction, restaurants, hotels, and other “jobs Americans won’t do” are supposed to stay home from work to show the importance of their labor to our nation’s economy. Doubtless, there will be some inconvenience if that happens, but there is another side to the story that is not being reported...."

Tancredo goes on to list billions in various costs to American taxpayers that accrue in one day---costs we would not have without those illegal-aliens and their drain on our economy, our public institutions and services.

He ends with the following irony: "All of this might be a passing colorful episode in the heated national debate over immigration policy if it weren’t for an odd coincidence: The immigration-enforcement agency responsible for locating and deporting illegal aliens is also taking the day off today. Of course, they didn’t call it a boycott. It is just (non)business as usual...."
Here's another related article, in which "Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan says illegal aliens in the United States are "engaged in a massive act of extortion.... Buchanan says the protests and rallies are in support of illegal aliens, not legal immigrants...."
You'll also want to read Mark Krikorian's "Boycott & Backlash: May Day in New New Mexico." It goes like this:

"Today’s May Day general strike by illegal aliens and their supporters should help clarify the Senate’s immigration deliberations. The question before senators, as they seek to pass an immigration bill before Memorial Day, no longer concerns the specifics of policy—how much border fencing, the period of work for guestworkers, etc.

The question now is whether the government of the United States will give in to the mob...."

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