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Friday, May 19, 2006

Mark Levin says the U.S. "Senate is a runaway train!!"

Mark Levin, whose blog, "And another thing...." is at National Review Online, provides common sense analysis of what's going on in the news, politics, government and world affairs on a daily basis.

Among other postings today, Levin commented on his blog about the U.S. Senate's surrender yesterday, referring to the Senate as a "runaway train" about:

1. Granting "amnesty to hundreds of thousands of thieves who committed fraud, i.e. identity theft"---fooling "employers, the DMV, insurance companies, banks"---and enabling them to later receive U.S. Social Security benefits based upon use of fraudulent I.D. and illegal employment

2. Identifying 12 Republican Senators who are "committed open-borders extremists, led by John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Lindsey Graham, Mel Martinez, and Arlen Specter"---a group in which he also placed President Bush. Open borders, of course, negate the false idea of "earned" citizenship for illegal aliens.

3. Exposing Harry Reid's flip-flop in his use of the "racism" label against Senators---to intimidate them into watering down their English as national language bill they had already passed---effectively reducing it to a politically-correct parody of its original content.

4. Explaining why a 370 mile fence, ca. "60 miles of which is to strengthen already existing fences" along a "southern border that is about 2,000 miles long," would "control" only about 20% of the border. So, what happens to the 80% that is left unsecured? All the un-controlled illegal traffic flow would be diverted to the un-controlled and un-protected 4/5 of the border.

And then there's the fact that we already know the "up to 6,000 National Guard" to be sent to the border will only amount to one third of the 6,000 being on duty at any given time, since they will be working in shifts. Plus, they are not being sent there for enforcement.

Which places a spotlight on the fact that there has been only a token placing of previously mandated-by-law Border Patrol on active duty on the border---since only a very small fraction of them have even been funded and hired.

It looks good on paper and in the news to have passed a law to put additional Border Patrol on the borders, but it is meaningless if those Border Patrol positions are not funded and filled. Then, there's the little matter of ca. 18 months of training for each officer hired. So, why all the foot-dragging?

It's also meaningless to dangle the idea of all kinds of high-tech gizmos and virtual fences to hoodoo us into thinking those will protect us. They won't. Not unless there will be enough Border Patrol officers on duty to respond when they are signaled or informed of an illegal crossing or activity taking place. There will not be---and the Guard will not be used for that purpose.

It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out that this failure to secure and protect our borders is a political decision and an abdication of constitutional duty, rule of law, and law-enforcement.

Who is the chief law enforcer of this democratic republic? The President of the United States. Who has oversight responsibility to see to it that the Executive Branch fulfills it law enforcement responsibility? The U.S. Congress.

Are either of them doing their job? NO.

Sooo...., why don't we all give them a shout out to let them know we expect them to do their jobs, fulfill their constitutional duties, secure our borders, protect our country's sovereignty and enforce all existing U.S. laws.

You can use PelicanPost sidebar links under "Government Sources" do so---and to tell the pro-amnesty, pro-illegal aliens and open borders crowd in Washington that their failure to act according to the will of the American people is unacceptable to you. And that you will vote with your feet in November 2006 and 2008---as fast as they can carry you to the ballot box.

All the touchy-feelie, sound-good, accomplish-nothing measures are just smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact they are not serious about solving the problem of the criminal, possibly terrorist, mass of illegal-aliens invading our borders, demonstrating in our streets, flying foreign flags, and demanding U.S. citizenship through amnesty. As well calling us "white-racists" and using the "Anglo" ethnic-slur against us and shouting "Today we march, tommorow we vote!"

By the way, don't forget to read Mark Levin's blog at the above link....

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