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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mainstream media and Democrats hide truth about America's best economy in three decades, with only 4.7% unemployment....

Not surprising that the hard-left does not want anyone to know about outstanding economic and jobs news statistics that veryify the MSM and Democrats in general have not been and are not now telling the truth when they continously give all the good news a negative, distorted slant.

They collectively do this because:

a) All hard-lefters do not want George W. Bush to get any credit for successful results of his tax relief program that fueled an economic boom and historically low unemployment. They hate him. They want to destroy even the illusion of his power and successes.

b.) This is an election year and Democrats don't want to run against a Republican president's booming economy and high jobs-creation statistics and below-natural levels of unemployment. So, they pretend the boom doesn't exist and assume we're too stupid to know the difference.

c.) The anti-Republican liberal mainstream media prefer to shape and control the news to the benefit of the Democrats. They believe their "cause" justifies any and all lies and propaganda to support it.

d.) Democrats always prefer to run against a negative, so they can say they're fighting to make something better for constituents. They always promise they'll "fight for the little man." When they never deliver, they blame it on Republicans. Even when Democrats are in power.

e.) Democrats know they will run badly in an election when people are more in control of their own money and know they are doing better under new tax policies the Democrats want to take away. So they amplify their ostrich syndrome pretenses, denials and distortions. We're too stupid to catch on.... Right?

f.) They are pro-big government, pro-high taxes, pro-socialism, anti-free-market Democrats and that's what they always do---even if the truth sounds better.

Here is a *****Five Star, must read article bearing legitimate, documented statistics-based awesome news about the current economic boom and jobs market:
"Job Numbers Show a Strong Economic Recovery"

"Many Americans are getting conflicting messages about the current state of the economy. They know that their family’s financial situation has improved over the past four years, but when they read the news or turn on the television they find stories about sub-par job growth and stagnant wages.

Many commentators appear to agree that America’s economic engine has stalled.[1] These commentators are wrong. Beyond the headlines, the data reveal that America currently enjoys one of the strongest economies of the past three decades.

Today, unemployment is at 4.7 percent, well below the historical average, and compensation for workers has risen faster than during the previous economic recovery.

Unemployment at Historic Lows:
The current recovery has created jobs for virtually every American who wants one. Only 4.7 percent of Americans are unemployed, well below what economists historically consider the “natural rate” of unemployment....[2]

With unemployment at only 4.7 percent, employers have hired almost everyone looking for a job. This low rate demonstrates the underlying strength of the economy, not its weakness...."

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