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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's what President Bush did NOT say in his "immigration reform" address, stupid...!

Well, political consultant Dick Morris, here, believes President Bush's national address on immigration reform was a "great speech" and included all the necessary "elements it had to." And that it may "help lay the ground work for a comeback."

I don't. I believe it was the same platitudes, qualifiers, and disguised amnesty we have already heard overandoverandover. It's a Casper-milk-toast, politics-first "solution"---along the lines of AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano's piddling hands-tied National Guard-to-the-border "solution." And it's making conservatives like me fighting mad!

When interviewed, Morris opined that "the presidential plan to beef up the southern border fence in both real and virtual terms is both the "key to securing the border and securing the president's base.” He sees it as "the key to keeping the GOP competitive with Hispanic voters” and "leaving open paths to citizenship for those already in the country, albeit illegally, will serve to make "Latinos a GOP stronghold...."

He also "warned that the Republicans risk losing its dominance in the near future if it doesn’t grab a larger share of Hispanic voters. Hispanics are rapidly growing in the U.S., especially in states like Florida, Texas, and other states once considered strongly GOP...."

While I agree with some of what Dick Morris says, I keep in mind that he is a political animal and sees this issue primarily from a political strategy perspective.

What he seems to have missed, along with all of the cable newscasters and journalists, is that the President did NOT say he would be sending 6,000 troops to the border. He said he would be sending UP TO 6,000 troops to the border---for a one year period. As in a department store sale advertisement, "up to" indicates an undefined amount that can actually be a smaller percentage than you envisioned and make you angry that you took the bait.

Bush did not say what actions would be taken against the rest of the multitude of lawbreaking employers nationwide. We've just seen a news splash about arrests of officials of a couple of companies who have cheated---but nothing is being done nationwide on a substantial scale. Makes it look as if this was window-dressing in the run up to the big address last night. Or, you might refer to it as selective targeting and unequal treatment of a few lawbreaking companies while letting the vast majority of the cheats skate.

And Bush continues to provide no rational justification for why illegal-alien lawbreakers should be allowed to become "guest workers" who automatically have a path to U.S. citizenship---or for why future Mexican "guest workers" should be allowed to come to the U.S., in greater numbers, in the citizenship line---ahead of visa-applicant immigrants from other countries who have been waiting long years to come to America---as the case would be if the Hagel-Martinez Bill in the U.S. Senate passes.

Why give preferential treatment to illegal-alien Mexican hordes? And how will they separate the criminals and terrorists from the rest of the pack? Are they going to background-check all of them?

This is a no brainer, really. We know enough about the human wave of people who are flooding across our borders illegally to clearly understand they do not all fit the schmaltzy characterization of them Bush spoon-feeds us. And they are not here "to do jobs Americans won't do!" That false characterization is an insult to American people who are more than willing to work hard for a living legal wage.

Many illegal-aliens are drugs and humans smugglers, violent gang members, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, spies, and terrorists. Our prisons are 27% full of illegal-alien criminals at great cost to American taxpayers and our people are preyed upon by illegal-alien criminals at great human cost. Many come for free (to them) medical care, education and government entitlement benefits they are not legally entitled to receive.

Many are illegally taking jobs away from American citizen teen-agers, minorities, and both skilled and unskilled workers in many types of low to mid-level jobs by working below the minimum and/or standard wage for those jobs. American workers are the losers---as are legal immigrants who have been waiting in line for many years to come here and earn a living legally.

So, close our borders to all but tracked legal traffic and tracked VISA visits, with criminal charges for subverting or abusing either. Then, and only then, should a temporary "guest worker" permit be given to a worker who meets thoroughly-checked-out qualifications to enter and work in this country---and has a sponsoring employer who can prove a need for that worker's particular skills and education level and that he/she has searched for and could not find an American citizen to fill the job. Provided that the employer will be closely monitored for adherance to payment of legal wages and income reporting.

None of these things have been done and lawbreaking U.S. employers of all stripes have abused the system for their own private gain---to the benefit of Mexico and the detriment of American workers.

Existing laws must be enforced to eliminate ALL illegal job opportunities. If those jobs dry up for illegal-aliens, many will voluntarily go back home, others will not come, renditions payments will no longer take money out of the American economy, and public services and healthcare costs would go down.

The same would be true if we had an American citizenship biometric ID card that is required for both employment and entitlements. Employers would have no excuse for hiring anyone who does not have one and the drain on public services and entitlements would cease. There would be a dis-incentive for other illegals to enter this country.

Plus, it would facilitate identification of those who are in this country illegally. Once identified, we could then give them a defined period of time in which to leave, pay for transportation for those who need it, and deport those who refuse to leave.

If Mexican leaders refuse to cooperate, close the borders to them for other purposes until they cooperate, help re-settle their strayed citizens, and provide job opportunities for them in Mexico. And until they stop smuggling illegal drugs, weapons and violent gangs into our country.

America generously provides financial and other forms of aid to foreign countries, but we are not willing to subordinate American workers to foreign guest workers who undermine our labor laws and minimum wage---or trash the rule of law to accommodate the arrogant demands of illegal-aliens for jobs and citizenship.

As to President Bush and Dick Morris, neither can come up with a rational excuse for allowing rendition of multi-billions of dollars to be drained from the U.S. economy to provide the majority of funding for the government of Mexico. Working American taxpayers do not exist to support a lawless, parasitic foreign nation---and none should have to lose their work opportunities to illegal-aliens to enable such an economic drain.

Neither can they come up with an open, honest, fact-based case for ignoring existing law and putting illegal-alien lawbreakers on a "path to citizenship," more correctly identified as de facto amnesty. It undermines respect for and adherence to the law when some laws are enforced and others are not.

Enough! No more! Vigorously enforce our laws first! Then see what else is left to be done after full enforcement has had a legitimate chance to work.
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Another related *****Five Star, must read editorial from the Editors of National Review, "Amnesty Undeniable," which includes: "The most important part of Monday night’s speech by President Bush on immigration was not his call for sending unarmed National Guardsmen to temporarily assist the Border Patrol. Rather, it was his formal embrace, for the first time, of citizenship for illegal aliens....

If the purpose of the speech was to shore up the president’s standing with conservatives, it failed.... Only action can reverse doubts about the White House’s commitment to enforcement— ....For instance, the president pledged (yet again) to end the practice of “catch and release” for non-Mexican illegals at the border..., but is still releasing captured illegals back into communities.

....the arrests several weeks ago of nearly 1,200 illegal aliens working for IFCO Systems were widely touted as heralding a new wave of legal action against crooked employers—but then most of the illegals were released within hours of the raids....

In his Oval Office address, the president squandered what was probably his last chance to reconnect with conservatives on immigration.... The speech he actually gave.... is likely further to demoralize conservatives and harden opposition among House Republicans to the Senate amnesty proposal. President Bush’s speech, contrary to its goal, probably ensures that no immigration bill will reach his desk this year. Given the options, that’s probably a good thing...."

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