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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Is the U.S.A. being replaced by a "North American Union" of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico...?

Folks, this is so way-out-there, I found myself reading with astonishment---first Jerome Corsi's article (part of which is included below, in the latter part of this posting), and then in links I googled. Both left me wondering how could this be? And asking how could something so foolhardy as this have covertly been wrought under the radar and behind the American people's backs?

I don't see how American citizens and elected U.S. Congress-members can allow such a blurring of American sovereignty by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), NAFTA provisions, and the manipulation of rules and the regulatory process by the Executive Branch---under the direction of the President of the United States, who is acting in concert with the leaders of Canada and Mexico. Without an act of Congress, amendment to the Constitution, or popular vote of the American people!

When I googled "North American Union," these links, among many, appeared:;

It is curious that U.S. Senator John Cornyn, R-TX, is listed in "Acknowledgements" of the Council of Foreign Relations' Independent Task Force. Yet, I found no reference to any other member of the U.S. Congress.

One of CFR's major goals and objectives listed in the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America SECURITY AGENDA" at agenda is as follows:

"3) Further streamline the secure movement of low-risk traffic across our shared borders
Develop and implement a border facilitation strategy to build capacity and improve the legitimate flow of people and cargo at ports of entry within North America.

Identify, develop, and deploy new technologies to advance our shared security goals and promote the legitimate flow of people and goods across our borders...."

But wait until you read what's in the CFR's "Building a North American Community: Report of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America..., Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in Association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales," in a pdf file at

Recommendations, statements and proposals from the non-governmental CFR's Independent Task Force include the following, which I have numbered:

1. "Establish a common security perimeter by 2010..."
2. "Develop a North American Border Pass..."
3. "Develop a unified North Amrican border action plan..."
4. "Expand border infrastructure..."
5. "Lay the groundwork for the free flow of people within North America..."
6. "Cooperation on counter-terrorism and law enforcement..."
7. "Establish a tri-national ballistics and explosives registration and joint training for law enforcement officials..."
8. "Expand NORAD into a multi-service Defense Command..."
9. "Increase information and intelligence sharing at the local and national levels in both law enforcement & military organizations..."
10. "Spread the Benefits of Economic Development..."
11. States "Mexico is also the leading source of unauthorized migration, with attendant economic and security problems and untold hardships for Mexican migrants..."
12. Proposes a "regional alternative to Kyoto..."
13. Proposes "Creating a North American Economic Space... a common economic zone..."
14. Proposes to "Establish a Seamless North American Market for Trade..." rationalizing that "border officials do not need to inspect the origins of the products crossing the border" and need to "worry less about other routine customs matters..."
15. Proposes to "Establish a permanent tribunal for North American dispute resolution..."
16. Proposes to "Adopt a North American approach to regulation and ensure rapid implementation of the North American regulatory action plan..."
17. Proposes "Open Skies and Open Roads..."
18. Proposes "Integrating protection of food, health and environment..."
19. Proposes to "Increase Labor Mobility within North America" and to "Expand temporary migrant worker programs..."
20. Proposes to "Implement the Social Security Totalization Agreement negotiated between the United States and Mexico..." explaining that "This agreement would recognize payroll contributions to each other's systems..."
21. Proposes to "Create a North American Preference..." in order to "streamline immigration and labor mobility rules that enable citizens of all three countries to work elsewhere in North America with far fewer restrictions than immigrants from other countries..."
22. Proposes to "Create a major scholarship fund for undergraduate and graduate students to study in the other North American countries and to learn the region's three languages..."
23. Proposes to "Shape the way public and private institutions engage in a new concept such as a North American Community..."
24. Proposes a "North American Advisory Council" to handle "various efforts related to North American integration..."
25. Proposes to "Establish a North American Inter-Parliamentary Group" and "formation of a tri-national inter-parliamentary group" to meet every other year.

In their "Conclusion," they state: "Establishment by 2010 of a security and economic community for North America is an ambitious, but achievable goal that is consistent with this principle and, more important, butresses the goals and values of the citizens of North America..."

Sound familiar, folks? It seems to be an expanded version of the rushed-up, open-borders U.S. Senate Immigration Reform bill just steamrolled through by Democrats and pseudo-Republicans. A majority of Senate Republicans wisely voted against the reckless bill, which is a total opposite of Rep. Sensenbrenner's common sense version of the bill that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

This posting's title is in reference to Jerome Corsi's article, "North American Union Already Starting to Replace U.S.A.," at humaneventsonline today. You will see why I was so astonished upon reading it and why I then googled it to find more info on the topic. Excerpts from Corsi's article are below; the highlighting is by yours truly. You can link to it to read the rest.
"In March 2005 at their summit meeting in Waco, Tex., President Bush, President Fox and Prime Minister Martin issued a joint statement announced the creation of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP). The creation of this new agreement was never submitted to Congress for debate and decision.

Instead, the U.S. Department of Commerce merely created a new division under the same title to implement working groups to advance a North American Union working agenda in a wide range of areas....

SPP is headed by three top cabinet level officers of each country. Representing the United States are Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice....

Reporting in June 2005 to the heads of state of the three countries, the trilateral SPP emphasized the extensive working group structure that had been established to pursue an ambitious agenda....

This is not a theoretical exercise being prepared so it can be submitted for review. Instead, SPP is producing an action agreement to be implemented directly by regulations, without any envisioned direct Congressional oversight....

And again, the June 2005 SPP report stresses: The success of our efforts will be defined less by the contents of the work plans than by the actual implementation of initiatives and strategies that will make North America more prosperous and more secure.

Reviewing the specific working agenda initiatives, the goal to implement directly is apparent. Nearly every work plan is characterized by action steps described variously as “our three countries signed a Framework of Common Principles …” or “we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding …,” or “we have signed a declaration of intent …” etc.

Once again, none of the 30 or so working agendas makes any mention of submitting decisions to the U.S. Congress for review and approval. No new U.S. laws are contemplated for the Bush administration to submit to Congress. Instead, the plan is obviously to knit together the North American Union completely under the radar, through a process of regulations and directives issued by various U.S. government agencies.

What we have here is an executive branch plan being implemented by the Bush administration to construct a new super-regional structure completely by fiat. Yet, we can find no single speech in which President Bush has ever openly expressed to the American people his intention to create a North American Union by evolving NAFTA into this NAFTA-Plus as a first, implementing step.

Anyone who has wondered why President Bush has not bothered to secure our borders is advised to spend some time examining the SPP working groups’ agenda. In every area of activity, the SPP agenda stresses free and open movement of people, trade, and capital within the North American Union.

Once the SPP agenda is implemented with appropriate departmental regulations, there will be no area of immigration policy, trade rules, environmental regulations, capital flows, public health, plus dozens of other key policy areas countries that the U.S. government will be able to decide alone, or without first consulting with some appropriate North American Union regulatory body.

At best, our border with Mexico will become a speed bump, largely erased, with little remaining to restrict the essentially free movement of people, trade, and capital.

Canada has established an SPP working group within their Foreign Affairs department. Mexico has placed the SPP within the office of the Secretaria de Economia and created and extensive website for the Alianza Para La Securidad y La Prosperidad de Améica del Norte (ASPAN). On this Mexican website, ASPAN is described as “a permanent, tri-lateral process to create a major integration of North America.”

The extensive working group activity being implemented right now by the government of Mexico, Canada, and the United States is consistent with the blueprint laid out in the May 2005 report of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), titled “Building a North American Community.

The Task Force’s central recommendation is the establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter. (page xvii)

The only borders or tariffs which would remain would be those around the continent, not those between the countries.... within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America. (page 3)

What will happen to the sovereignty of the United States? The model is the European Community. While the United States would supposedly remain as a country, many of our nation-state prerogatives would ultimately be superseded by the authority of a North American court and parliamentary body, just as the U.S. dollar would have to be surrendered for the “Amero,” the envisioned surviving currency of the North American Union.

The CFR report left no doubt that the North American Union was intended to evolve through a series of regulatory decisions....

The three leaders highlighted the importance of addressing this issue at their March 2005 summit in Texas. The Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America they signed recognizes the need for a stronger focus on building the economic strength of the continent in addition to ensuring its security. To this end, it emphasizes regulatory issues....

Officials in all three countries have formed a series of working groups under designated lead cabinet ministers. These working groups have been ordered to produce an action plan for approval by the leaders....

Again, the CFR report says nothing about reporting to Congress or to the American people. What we have underway here with the SPP could arguably be termed a bureaucratic coup d’etat. If that is not the intent, then President Bush should rein in the bureaucracy until the American people have been fully informed of the true nature of our government’s desire to create a North American Union...."

My Big Questions:

1. When was our President planning to let the American citizenry in on this multi-cultural, global-view, nation-and-government-altering plan for the U.S.A? After it becomes a fait accompli...?

2. As we're nation-building in Afghanistan and Iraq, is he extra-legally colluding with Canada's and Mexico's leaders to build an amalgam nation comprising all of North America here---by not enforcing border, immigration and labor laws---and in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law? A nation based upon market demands rather than sovereignty? If so, from where does he, or anyone, derive such authority?

Canada and Mexico did not rush to the aid of the U.S. after the hellacious 9/11 Islamo-fascists' terrorist bomb attacks on American soil. Neither have they aided in the War Against Terrorism in Iraq. Both have been highly critical of the United States and the war.

Canada is an open-borders welfare state that is, itself, divided. The disaffected French-speaking Quebecois have long been separatists and wanted freedom from Canada. Mexico is a failed, lawless, parasitic state whose economy is propped up by their illegal drug trade, human smuggling, export of their Mexican Indian poor into the U.S., and receipt of the renditions of Billion$ drained from the U.S. economy.

Neither is a co-equal of the United States. Both would have much to gain from such an alliance, while the United States and its citizens would be the losers---and vastly outnumbered by populations who do not value the principles and strengths that made this country the most powerful nation in the world. The common denominator of the three would be a disaster for Americans, the end of America as we know it, and a failed experiment in both nation-building and assimilation.

My recommendation to Canada, Mexico, President Bush, the CFR, and all liberal, multi-cultural globalists of the American Left: Fuhgeddaboutit!

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