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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Howard Dean, national Democrats & state Dems in Indiana fight ID requirement for voting....

The logic in not wanting requirements for identification of voters to make sure they are citizens and are who they say they are in order to vote escapes me entirely.

There could only be one motivation for Democrats fighting against checking voters to make sure they actually have a right to vote in any state or national election in the United States. That would be the desire to cheat the system to benefit Democrat candidates.

Me, I believe a national biometric, scanable ID card should be required to register and vote in any city, county, state or national election in the United States or any protectorate of the United States. No one has a constitutional right to vote in this country unless they are a bonafide citizen. The scanable ID cards should also have code for their particular state or protectorate.

Biometric, scanable ID cards would prevent non-citizens from voting, would prevent citizens from voting in more than one state, and would prevent citizens from voting more than one time.

This would cut out possibilities for voting fraud at the voting precinct and would also provide a way for our U.S. military and diplomatic corp citizens to vote without a political party challenging their votes.

They are now being discriminated against by having to vote by mail, which has provided an opportunity for Democrat lawyers to challenge their votes (especially in the 2000 and 2004 elections) and disenfranchize them---which Bill Clinton facillitated by ordering military voting precincts abroad closed.

That national, scanable biometric ID card should also be required for all employers to use to identify and hire legal workers in this country and screen out those who are not legally in the United States. It could also be required for government services and health systems providers to use to screen out all who are not citizens and who do not legally qualify for those services and benefits.

That would turn off the illegal-alien magnet and take away their incentives for entering this country illegally. It would also incentivize those illegals who are here to go back home within a required period that they do so. And the remaining illegal-aliens---including gang members, documents counterfitters, drugs smugglers, international Marxists organizers and anarchists---would be easier to identify and deport. The illegal-alien industry could be shut down.

In tandem with these measures, legal immigration and naturalization procedures and completion times could be streamlined and hurried up to process applications by legal immigrants from a variety of countries and those who legitimately seek refugee status and wish to become American citizens---provided they meet all requirements for doing so---including health requirements. And provided their skills and education fulfill needs of employers in this country and they can readily be assimilated into this country and our culture.

Pledging allegiance to the United States of America and learning the English language should be a strict requirement for citizenship. Spanish and other languages should only be taught as electives in American schools---with ESOL programs only for new legal immigrants, refugees and their children going through the immigration and naturalization process.

With enough qualified and naturalized legal immigrants, there would be no need for a "guest worker program." "Guest worker program" is just a euphemism used as cover for employers who violate our labor and minimum wage laws and illegal-alien workers who break our border, immigration and labor laws---while our government and law enforcement look the other way.

Read about the Democrats' efforts to keep the Indiana voting system vulnerable to cheating---below and here.
"Howard Dean to Fight Voter ID Statute"

"National and state Democrats are planning to appeal a federal court ruling upholding Indiana's new law requiring a photo ID to vote. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told The Associated Press that the law will keep some people from voting.

But supporters of the new law, including Indiana Republican Party Chairman Murray Clark, say the state's voter identification law will help secure elections in Indiana...."

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