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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ann Coulter on President Bush's amnesty proposal for illegal immigrants: "Read My Lips: No New Amnesty"

Well, folks, this is one of Ann Coulter's *****Five Star, must read best! I, too, thought GWBush had learned that it's a turn-off when he says "they (illegal-aliens) are just coming here to do jobs Americans won't do."

The bad news is that he didn't. Just today, while giving press ops on the Mexican border, he evidently forgot that canard doesn't poll well---because it rolled right off his lips just as emphatically and insultingly as before. I keep yelling at him about it, but he's become hard of hearing where we mere American citizens are concerned---even those of us who put him in office.

Every time I hear our President spout that tired old lie and insist that a "path to citizenship" is "not amnesty," I feel as if I've been kicked in the teeth---and experience a visceral disappointment and resentment that he doesn't care that the majority of Americans are against amnesty in any form and want our borders secured and our laws enforced---first and foremost.

He should take a page from, of all people, Hillary Clinton's playbook and go on a "listening tour." Not a tour repeating all the worn-out blind rhetoric that would support adding ca. 103 million uneducated and unskilled Mexicans to our citizenry over the next 20 years---and the ensuing Billions of $$$ additional drain from America's public trough. A shut-up-and-listen to what ordinary American's have to say tour.

Why not show American citizens they matter---and what they believe matters---for a change?

Hey..., before ya'll do anything else, read Ann Coulter's column here. A few excerpts are below:
"....someone must have finally told Bush that the point about America being a "nation of immigrants" is moronic. All nations are "nations of immigrants" -- as Peter Brimelow pointed out brilliantly in his 1992 article in National Review on immigration, which left nothing for anyone else to say.

Instead of a moratorium on new immigration, I'd settle for a moratorium on the use of the expression "We're a nation of immigrants." Throw in a ban on "Diversity is our strength" and you've got my vote for life.

Bush has also apparently learned that the word "amnesty" does not poll well.

On Monday night, he angrily denounced the idea of amnesty just before proposing his own amnesty program. The difference between Bush's amnesty program and "amnesty" is: He'd give amnesty only to people who have been breaking our laws for many years -- not just a few months. (It's the same program that allows Teddy Kennedy to stay in the Senate.)

Bush calls this the "rational middle ground" because it recognizes the difference between "an illegal immigrant who crossed the border recently and someone who has worked here for many years." Yes, the difference is: One of them has been breaking the law longer. If our criminal justice system used that logic, a single murder would get you the death penalty, while serial killers would get probation...."

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