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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Washington Post and MSNBC distort news about Rush Limbaugh's plea deal in order to smear him....

Well, the hard-left mainstream media are up to their same old dirty trick of smearing and defaming a prominent Republican---this one the king of talk radio. They have been trying to destroy Rush Limbaugh for years and they can't stand the hard cold fact that they have failed miserably to do so. Again!

But, does that deter them? Noooooo......!

Read more below and here.
"Washington Post, Media Slants Limbaugh Plea"

"Rush Limbaugh's "not guilty" plea deal on doctor shopping charges and his deal with Palm Beach County prosecutors, which will end the case in his favor, was distorted by the Washington Post's report Saturday.

Writing in the Media Research Center's News Busters blog, Tim Graham charged that the Post "showed it liberal colors" when it reported, "Rush Limbaugh Arrested: The talk radio icon surrenders on a charge of committing fraud to obtain prescription drugs."

The "arrested" headline was first used by MSNBC news Friday evening - a theme that was picked up by other outlets like the Post.

"The headline for the story on the front of the Style section was also suggestive: 'Rush Limbaugh Turns Himself In On Fraud Charge In Rx Drug Probe.' "

While noting that the online link was "Limbaugh Charged With Prescription Drug Fraud," Graham said it was "accurate but incomplete," arguing that it could mislead readers into believing that Limbaugh "was admitting guilt, with words like 'surrenders' and 'turns himself in'" despite the fact that it is a part of a deal with no admission of guilt.

Graham added that the story written by the Post's Peter Whoriskey claimed, "The agreement is not an admission of guilt to the charge," without explaining that Limbaugh had pleaded not guilty. Wrote Graham, "A less inflammatory set of headlines would have said 'Prosecutors, Limbaugh Strike Deal....'

Whoriskey, Graham charged, "underlined hypocrisy in his story, saying the drug probe 'has hovered over the law-and-order conservative,' " and later "without noting Limbaugh's critics are on the left in any way...."

As Newsmax has reported Rush Limbaugh Prescription Drug Case Settled Limbaugh's lawyer Roy Black explained that the single charge of doctor shopping filed by the State Attorney is being held in abeyance under the terms of an agreement between the State and Mr. Limbaugh...."

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