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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Victor Davis Hanson: On America's present illegal-alien "disaster" that can become "something far more dangerous," absent a "legal remedy"

As usual, folks, Victor Davis Hanson presents the most cogent and astute analysis of a critical topic that all American citizens need to fully understand---that of massive illegal-alien "immigration" into the United States, without legal status or acculturation necessary for the emigres to become integrated into the society that did not invite them or approve their entry.

Those uninvited illegal-alien emigres end up in a festering disaffected sub-culture, with little or no way out, while at the same time resenting the barriers they created for themselves by coming into this country illegally and resenting the hosts they forced themselves upon. They are outraged that the U.S. wants to protect the integrity of its borders and enforce its laws. They demand to be allowed to violate our federal laws with impugnity.

In Hanson's *****Five Star, must read article, "Protesters Run Amok: The backlash on immigration law may be yet to come,"---that appeared also under the title “The Protests — Whose Backlash?” at Real Clear Politics---he employs a teaching style that guides the reader through a logical consideration of the facts to a conclusion that if the illegal-alien disaster is not dealt with now, through a legal remedy, we are in for a much more dangerous problem down the road.

More in excerpts below and at above links.
"Hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens, along with Mexican-Americans and Hispanics in general, hit the streets throughout the United States this past week in one of the largest displays of public outrage since the Vietnam-War era....

The media tended to emphasize the heartfelt anguish of the demonstrators, who often on selected televised clips carried American flags and were shown reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
But here in Central California that is not the public face of the demonstrations that we saw — which were mostly angry and, in the case of truant high-school students, so often unfortunately characterized by Mexican chauvinism, if not overt racism of the La Raza ("the race") type.

And while these public outbursts were for the present just noisy, the private counter-reactions to them, I fear, are going to grow larger and angrier still.

If many thousands of illegal aliens marched in their zeal, many more millions of Americans of all different races and backgrounds watched — and seethed. They were struck by the Orwellian incongruities — Mexican flags, chants of "Mexico, Mexico," and the spectacle of illegal alien residents lecturing citizen hosts on what was permissible in their own country....

Most Americans I talked to in California summed up their reactions to the marches as something like, 'Why would anyone wave the flag of the country that they would never return to — and yet scream in anger at those with whom they wish to stay?' Depending on the particular questions asked, polls reveal that somewhere around 60-80% of the public is vehemently opposed to illegal immigration.

When schools were dismissed due to student walkouts and traffic disrupted, Americans began to see the wages of their own indifference to the problems of illegal immigration. Insidiously over the last 30 years we have allowed an entire apartheid community to grow up in enclaves in the American Southwest and occasionally beyond — one by language and psyche that may well feel more romantically attached to the Mexico it left and won't return to than to the United States it sought out and must stay in.

To understand the backlash to all this that is rising, think back to the 2003 California recall election for governor.... Something of the same backlash may soon follow these demonstrations....

As far as the immigration debate itself, we all know the truth that we suppress and the lies that we voice. Language has been the first casualty of our disingenuousness. "Illegal alien" is a descriptive, not a racist, term. In contrast, "undocumented worker" is deliberately misleading, since in most cases documents were never at issue, and not all aliens are workers.

"Racism" has nothing to do with a failed system that appalls Asian- and African-Americans alike, as well as bewilders frustrated and patient Koreans, Punjabis, Africans, and Filipinos who did not cut ahead in the long legal immigration line. "Nativist" means nothing when Americans presently welcome in more legal immigrants that any other nation on earth.

Yes, illegal immigration provides a valuable source of cheap labor. But such jobs are not just those Americans will never take, but comprise work that they won't seek out at such cheap wages. Where compensation rises, citizen workers will follow....

Yes, most aliens work hard, but a small minority of them do not, and find themselves involved in criminal activity. And given the large pool of illegal immigrants from Mexico, that small minority can still reach several thousands — such as the nearly 15,000 aliens currently locked up in the California penal system alone, at a cost of a half-billion public dollars a year....

Unless we curb the present influx, return to the melting pot, and salvage a legal remedy from the present illegal disaster, what we saw this week may only be the beginning of something far more dangerous from both sides of this avoidable crisis...."

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