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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) gives United Nations "reform" two "Fs" and "a couple of incompletes....

What a surprise...! The United Nations has again refused to restructure and reform the U.N. Human Rights Commission and failed to provide substantive reform of the entire corrupt U.N. organization---including investigating the fraud in the procurement program, which promises to be as big a ripoff and scandal as the U.N. Oil for Food bribery, kickback and fraud program.

More about Coleman's report card for the U.N. and its so-called "reform," below and here.
"Sen. Norm Coleman Gives U.N. Reform Bad Marks"

"Calling his review "one senator's perspective on United Nations reform," Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., issued the world body a report card that he said contained "two B's, a C, a couple of F's, and a couple of incompletes."

"....the man who has famously called for U.N. Secretary General Koffi Annan's resignation said that last year's Independent Inquiry Committee report, the so-called "Volker Report" after its chairman Paul Volker, was the most "damning indictment of the U.N.'s performance in the 60 years of its history."

Coleman ticked through some of the highlights of the U.N.'s mismanagement of the program, which was designed to use Saddam Hussein's oil to buy food for his people as that then-dictatorship reeled under sanctions.

In the end, Coleman noted, some $690 million of waste, abuse and fraud was identified, further aggravated by Koffi Annan's chief of staff ordering the "destruction of more than three years worth of documents related to oil-for-food."

"In this country we call that ‘obstruction of justice,' and people go to jail for a long time for that," Coleman noted...." "The secretary general improperly shifted blame to member states and the 661 committees [Security Council Sanctions Committees]," Coleman lamented...."

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