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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some U.S. Congress-members, especially Democrat & liberal Republican Senators, are running from enforcing U.S. laws against illegal-alien lawbreakers.

Where do the U.S. Congress-members from your state stand on the issues of illegal-alien lawbreakers' demands for "special rights," amnesty for those lawbreakers, and failure to protect U.S. borders and citizens?

Are you letting them get away with ignoring and not enforcing U.S. border, immigration and labor laws--and thumbing their noses at the vast majority of Americans who have made it known that we want our borders completely protected and all of our laws fully enforced?

Throngs of illegal-aliens have come out from under the radar---to boldly, and sometimes arrogantly, demand to be given "special rights" and privileges of amnesty and citizenship in our country as a reward for their already having broken our border, immigration and labor laws.

They have organized a country-wide political movement to try to influence and intimidate our lawmakers into giving them amnesty and legal status---by turnout of large numbers of protesters, name-calling against American citizens who oppose them, flying of Mexican flags, and carrying offensive-message signs---without having any rights to do so.

That's not the way it works. We have something called the rule of law in this country, provided for in U.S. Constitution and existing U.S. laws---including border, immigration and labor laws. There are no provisions in any of them for allowing illegal entry into this country or suspension of consequences for those who do so.

So where do Congress-members get off pushing an eighth amnesty for masses of illegal aliens, when the 1986 amnesty was supposedly set up to guarantee it would be the last and that U.S. borders would thereafter be strictly enforced? What is it about the word "last" that they don't understand? And, what's their excuse for not doing their checks-and-balances job of oversight to make sure the Executive Branch enforces the laws?

Exactly what is it about the rule of law and enforcing all U.S. laws that Congress-members don't understand? If they haven't grasped those concepts by now, they don't belong in Washington, D.C. conducting the people's business. If they simply can't get it, they need to resign, pack up and go home to stay.

The vast majority of the American people have made it clear that they do not want emigres who enter our country by cheating the immigration system and breaking our laws. They want emigres who follow all U.S. laws and requirements for entering and working in our country, assimilate into our culture, learn our language, and earn citizenship through completion of the naturalization process---all because they want to be Americans and declare allegiance to their new country.

There's nothing hard to understand about this. It's as easy as A-B-C, 1 - 2 - 3!

Without doubt, it is imperative that Congress-members listen to the American people on these issues---or refuse to do so at their peril.

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