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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Remember this....?? Well, guess what ELSE Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has done wrong....!!

We now learn here that Moonbat "McKinney Admits "Error" With Taxpayer Money." The so-called "error" being her spending money---from a fund members of the U.S. Congress are supposed to use ONLY for office supplies---to pay airfare and hotel costs for celebrity singer Isaac Hayes to fly to an event in Atlanta.

That's not money for a steno-pad, honey.... That's sleight-of-hand stealing from American taxpayers!

Breaking government rules by spending taxpayers' money to fly a celebrity to Atlanta does NOT fit into the category of "office supplies." Well, it only qualifies as government "office supplies" if you're Bill Clinton.... canoodling, on the government's (ie. taxpayers') dime.... in the Oval "Office".... with a sweet young White House female intern.... who also worked, on bended-knee, in that "office."

Sure...., it's a stretch, but Slick intern-under-the-presidential-office-desk Willie got away with it---even after lying to ca. 300M Americans and the rest of the world about it.

Here are some excerpts ---or you can read the entire piece at the above link:

"Atlanta's own "Channel 2 Action News has uncovered documents showing McKinney, D-Ga., spent about $1,000 of taxpayer's money to fly singer Isaac Hayes to Georgia to help dedicate a new office in Atlanta....

Using the money to pay for Hayes' airline ticket and hotel expenses is a violation of strict congressional rules. Those rules state that taxpayer money can only be used for "travel by Members, Members' employees and vendors. A vendor is an employee of a private company that provides maintenance and support for equipment and software..."

Watchdog groups call taxpayer-funded celebrity travel a blatant waste of taxpayer money...."

I'm with the watchdogs...! How about you...?

Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.

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