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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A new take on the "jobs Americans won't do" that require multi-millions of illegal immigrants to do them....

Like being a liberal U.S. Senator, for instance, as we are finding out how little those Senators are willing to do---except for scarfing-up pork to impress their constituents and engaging in obstructionist politics rather than completing vital Senate business.

Unlike the effective majority Republicans and some Democrat members of the U.S. House of Representatives who get it, Senate Democrats and some Republicrats are clueless and prefer to deal with the illegal-alien invasion into the United States politically, rather than do their jobs to uphold the Constitution, the rule of law and the sovereignty of our country.

Most Senate Democrats prefer the political solution of kicking the can down the road until after the 2006 elections. They are already registering illegal non-citizens to vote in that election.

This Congress, especially the Senate, has a do-nothing gridlock approach to problem-solving---in many areas of legislating. They are meeting for fewer days than most Congresses in the past.

The Executive Branch is no help either, as they continue to cram down the throats of the American people the false idea that the millions of illegal-aliens who are flooding into this country without permission are coming here to do jobs "American's won't do."

Smoke and mirrors rhetoric about "jobs Americans won't do" is insulting. It under-values American workers and flies in the face of the American people who have consistently made known that they do not want illegal immigration and open borders. The will of the vast majority of our people is frustrated and we are all harmed by the fact that our government refuses to adequately enforce existing U.S. border, immigration and labor laws.

There is no valid proof that there are no Americans willing to do those so-called menial jobs. What American workers do not want to do is work for employers who break the law by cheating the system and paying illegals less than the required-by-law minimum wage---or less than the prevailing industry standard.

Law-breaking employers are making increased profits at the expense of American workers, public services, and economy---all of which are being drained by multi-billion$ in illegal-alien remittances back to Mexico.

Well, who did those jobs before the illegal-alien flood? Poorly-educated American citizens, American students working their way through college, and legal immigrants have traditionally done the farm, food service, hotel industry, child-care, construction, and many other jobs---that's who.

If this country needs more workers than it has, then we can increase legal immigrant numbers and speed up the process for bringing them into the country. Those are the people who want to come here, are willing to go through the process legally, are qualified to come here, are healthier, are better educated, and want to assimmilate into our culture, learn our language, and become American citizens.

Unlike the demanding, blood-sucking anti-American illegals who maintain allegiance to their home-countries, legal immigrants don't want to sneak into their future country by the back door, be parasites that over-burden their future fellow-citizens, or exploit the country to which they have immigrated.

We didn't elect our U.S. Senators to go to Washington and play politics with the future of our country and its legal citizens. We elected them to follow the Constitution and U.S. laws---and conduct a vigorous legislating process that culminates in solving problems and protecting our security and sovereignty.

Hat tip to John Deering for political 'toon.

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