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Saturday, April 22, 2006

National Legal & Policy Center says U.S. Congressman Allan Mollohan, D-WVa, needs to resign from House Approriations Committee, not just Ethics Cmte.

Rep. Allan Mollohan's extreme use and abuse of Congressional "earmarks"---that can be inserted into a Congressional finance bill, anonymously and secretly, to divert multi-millions of U.S. taxpayer funds to pork-barrel projects in various states---is a perfect example of why the practice of earmarking should be abolished immediately. And permanently.

An earmark is an unconstitutional and illegal gimmick for diverting taxpayers' federal tax dollars to political-plum state and local projects or to organizations, foundations, non-profits, researchers, and so on in a Congress-member's home state. No one knows how many of those diverted taxpayers' dollars end up in the pockets of the U.S. Congress-member who earmarked the funds for diversion.

Democrat Rep. Mollohan has used earmarks to divert $250M to his state---mostly to non-profits run by his friends and/or partners. And he has failed to correctly report his income and its source(s)---making 250 errors and misrepresenations in his federally-required reports, according to research completed by NLPC.

Congressional Democrats were already dishonestly smearing the Republicans in Congress and the White House as a "culture of corruption," at the same time they have been obstructing and refusing to allow the House Ethics Committee to function at all--- because they are trying to protect another Democrat Congressman, Jim McDermott, who is under indictment. Yet, they are silent as church-mice about Rep. Allan Mollohan's fantasy real estate appreciation windfall in the multi-millions and miss-reporting of same---and about the earmarked funds Mollohan diverted in an apparent scheme to enrich himself, his wife and friends running non-profits (527s).

A complete investigation and audit should be done to find out exactly where all of the funds earmarked by Mollohan went. The same should be done for all other earmarked taxpayers' money that has been diverted without the knowledge and approval of the taxpayers.

Now we know another reason why Democrats always want to raise federal taxes---in addition to their manic quest to raise taxes in order to turn the U.S. into a socialist welfare state. Every increase in taxes gives them more money they can self-servingly earmark and divert---behind the backs of the American people.

More below and here.
"NLPC Reacts to Rep. Mollohan Resignation from Ethics Committee"

Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), on Friday reacted to the resignation of Rep. Allan Mollohan (D-W.V.) as the ranking member of his party on the House Ethics Committee:

"If Mollohan should resign from any committee, it should be the Appropriations Committee.
"Mollohan's resignation from the ethics committee is far less important than him telling the truth about his finances and amending his financial disclosure reports.

"Mollohan getting off the ethics committee does not relieve him of the responsibility of answering all the questions about his finances, including the dramatic increase in the value of the 27 condo units in a Washington, D.C., building called the Remington....

"Mollohan claims that the increase in his holdings substantially due to the surge in real estate values in recent years, particularly in the District of Columbia.

Here's the math: Mollohan's interest in The Remington was valued by him to be worth between $2,002 and $30,000 in the year 2000. His Financial Disclosure Report for 2004 valued the same asset at being worth $2,000,002 to $10,000,000....

The percentage increase between those.... figures is an astounding 6,566 percent. The kind of increase in value Rep. Mollohan is claiming for his Remington asset does not even remotely resemble the D.C. real estate market in recent years.'

The NLPC filed a Complaint confidentially with the U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia on February 28 detailing over 250 omissions and misrepresentations on Mollohan's Financial Disclosure Forms.... The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and newspapers in West Virginia editorialized that Mollohan should step down from the ethics committee."

Big question: Why just the Ethics Committee? Why not also the House Appropriations Committee? For Mollohan to simply step down from a non-functioning House Ethics Committee, while remaining on the powerful House Appropriations Committee is just throwing his critics a bone.

Mollohan has already miss-appropriated too much of American taxpayers'money by secretly earmarking it---and miss-reported enormous amounts of his earnings---in the same time period he mysteriously became a multi-millionaire. He needs no chance to miss-appropriate another dime.

My request: Congressman Mollohan, do the right thing and resign from the House of Representatives. Now.

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