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Thursday, April 27, 2006

More dishonesty from the mainstream media, especially the NYTimes.... to shield fired CIA analyst Mary McCarthy....

Why are we not surprised by this plastering-over-the-truth-to-repaint-it-pretty about the kind of person Mary McCarthy is, while burying all dispositive facts that accurately describe her past "independent" actions? Actions that are highly contradictory and questionable.

Below are excerpts from an outstanding *****Five Star, must read column, "The New McCarthyism: A look at the CIA leaker's independent streak and the al-Shifa intelligence." by Thomas Joscelyn. You will definitely want to read the entire piece at the weeklystandard.

And have a look at Betsy'sPage, where the following is posted: "there is also an interesting point made by Joscelyn, who has more information on his blog on the bombing of that Sudan plant and the connections to Hussein. As John Hinderaker at Powerline points out, Joscelyn notes how the Democrats supported a president declassifying top secret information in order to defend a controversial decision."
"THE MEDIA has been quick to lionize Mary McCarthy, the recently fired 61-year-old CIA analyst who allegedly leaked classified information to the Washington Post's Dana Priest. According to several recent accounts, it is not clear what information McCarthy was accused of leaking. But on Sunday, the New York Times ran a tribute to McCarthy.

In it we learn from a gaggle of former intelligence officials that McCarthy is a woman of "great integrity," and "quite a good, substantive person." Larry Johnson, the former CIA analyst who told us not to worry about the threat of terrorism two years before 9/11, even tells us that she is a "sacrificial lamb."

Adulation from fellow colleagues aside, the lynchpin of the Times piece is that McCarthy has an "independent streak...." To demonstrate this independence, the Times piece leads with the claim that McCarthy bucked the Clinton administration in August 1998 when she objected to the destruction of a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant suspected of doubling as a front for al Qaeda's WMD efforts. The plant, named Al-Shifa, was one of two retaliatory targets chosen by the Clinton administration in the aftermath of the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

But in recounting the story of al-Shifa and Mary McCarthy's role in evaluating the intelligence surrounding the facility, the Times leaves out nearly every salient fact--including evidence that the Clinton administration used to tie Saddam's Iraq to al Qaeda....

....the intelligence surrounding al-Shifa was not limited to a single soil sample. Instead, the Clinton administration relied on multiple threads of intelligence, all of which pointed to Iraqi collaboration with al Qaeda in Sudan....

Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen defended the decision in his testimony before the 9-11 Commission.... Richard Clarke defended the intelligence linking Iraqi scientists to al Qaeda in the months following the strike. The 9-11 Commission's report adds that Clarke "for years had read intelligence reports on Iraqi-Sudanese cooperation on chemical weapons...."

Not to mention that the CIA reported to Congress that Iraq was working on chemical and possibly biological weapons programs in Sudan every year from 1998 through 2002....

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