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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

May 1st is declared "Conservative Shopping Day," in support of businesses that do not break the law, hire illegals, & give American workers the shaft.

Great posting today by Mac Johnson at The Right Angle blog---with his answer to the illegal-alien criminals' May 1st skip-work and boycott of American businesses day---better known as intimidation of Americans and the American government day.

Johnson has called for a May 1st "Conservative Shopping Day," in response to these illegal-aliens with gargantuan gall who continue to protest in our streets and cities and demand that the United States of America grant them "special rights." They want rewards of citizenship and government benefits and services---for their arrogance and for breaking our border, immigration and labor laws!

PelicanPost endorses May 1st "Conservative Shopping Day" and I will do my part to support businesses that are open and do not hire illegals---year 'round. Let me add one suggestion, however:

When you go shopping at patriotic businesses on May 1st, be sure to wear your patriotic clothing, caps, jewelry, and so on---put patriotic stickers and flags on your cars---and take the time to thank those businesses who put patriotism and concern for the security and sovereignty of our country before breaking the law and exploiting illegal workers to bolster their bottom line.

I also ask all of you guys out there to spread the word---call everybody you know---put a sign in your car window about May 1st Conservative Shopping Day"---try to get an announcement of it in your local paper or on local talk radio shows---or find other peaceful and appropriate ways to let everyone know.

Thanks for a great idea Mac!

More below and here.
"May 1 Is Conservative Shopping Day!"

"As you no doubt know, illegal aliens and their handlers plan to hold their next Senate intimidation rallies on May 1, better known as the Marxist holiday of “May Day.” The May Day campaign will consist of yet more anti-law-enforcement marches and a nationwide “boycott” of shopping.

The aim of the boycott is to demonstrate the purchasing power of the 11 million immigration criminals demanding amnesty. The boycott will also include a general strike by immigration criminals, who are being encouraged to skip work that day. Now it appears that illegal aliens are here to just skip the jobs that no American is willing to skip....

If the boycott and strike are successful, this means that May 1 will be A DAY WITHOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS!.... It will be morning again in America. Every actual American should make a point to get out and support those businesses and counteract the criminal boycott movement....

I hereby declare May 1 to be a national holiday -- Conservative Shopping Day. Show the doubters that a day without illegal aliens is not a crisis, it’s just a good start. And spread the word. Forward this notice or send out your own. Let it be shouted, in clear unaccented English, from every mountaintop and blog: SPEND, GRINGOS, SPEND! sure to make note of which businesses can still function on a day without illegal aliens, so that you can patronize them everyday for a long time. Let’s turn the day without illegal aliens into an everyday thing....!"

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