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Monday, April 03, 2006

Mark Levin slams Republican Ed Gillespie's op-ed presenting Illegal-aliens as "immigrants" and slams "corporate welfare" as the "socialism" it is....

Folks, here's a great rebuttal by Mark Levin, posted on his And Another Thing blog at NRO, of Republican Ed Gillespie's op-ed at Opinion Journal. Over and over again, Levin slams Gillespie for framing illegal immigration as if it were the same as legal immigration and as if that were all that this country is dealing with in the present harangue going on about so-called "immigration reform."

Levin is right on target as he also slams "corporate welfare" and labels it the "socialism" that it is: "....what’s going on here is that certain businesses are benefiting mightily from their illegal hiring practices by skirting immigration requirements and the costs associated with hiring any citizen or legal immigrant (including various payroll taxes and deductions). The services associated with supporting this illegal workforce, including education and health care, are subsidized by law-abiding taxpayers. This is corporate welfare modeled on socialism, not capitalism...."

And as he slams Mexico's President Vicente Fox, to wit: "Mexico has no intention of curbing illegal immigration into our country, as Vicente Fox announced the other day. As long as it can export its poor people to our country, its elites have no incentive to reform a corrupt government and economic system — keeping many more in poverty than the millions who manage to come here...."

In my opinion, this corporate welfare socialism facilitates an enormous transfer of American wealth---many billions of it transferred each year south of the border into parasitic Mexico.

And I don't see any part of the McCain-Kennedy "reform" bill in the Senate that reforms that economic drain or anything else---most certainly not the non-enforcement of U.S. border, immigration and labor laws. McCain must see this sham "immigration reform" bill as a way for him to peel off some of the liberal votes in 2008 to make up for the conservative Republican votes he will surely lose. He's betting on a come that will be going the other way, if 12M+ illegal-alien laws-breakers are allowed to skate---right into American citizenship. Two thirds of Americans will be big-time angry if there is an amnesty.

In a same-day posting, Levin discusses McCain and his blatant pandering to the open-borders crowd and pushing for a legal path to American citizenship for illegal-alien lawbreakers, to wit:

"If these illegal-immigration protests trouble you, including the prominent display of Mexican and other flags, John McCain thinks they're swell. In fact, he's hoping they will persuade Congress to support his open-borders bill."

'The New York Daily News reports, in part: Sen. John McCain gave a big thumbs up last night to demonstrators planning to march across the Brooklyn Bridge today in support of comprehensive immigration reform.'

"If such demonstrations continue, I think we will have a bill for the President to sign soon," the Arizona Republican declared at an Irish and American flag-studded town hall meeting in the Bronx sponsored by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.

Giving a "path to citizenship" to illegal-aliens who have already broken our border, immigration and labor laws is sheer lunacy. The political hacks in Congress, like Teddy Kennedy and John McCain, need to put aside their black-hole size egos and do what's right for this country, its own citizens, the integrity of its borders, and upholding the rule of law for a change.

I, for one, will never vote for anyone who supports this giveaway of our country's wealth, security and sovereignty to further their own selfish political ambitions---and I'm disgusted with Republicans who are supporting it. Nor will I vote for anyone who will not enforce U.S. border, immigration and labor laws---including substantive border control that stops all illegal border entry---including drugs and humans smugglers and potential terrorists.

I'm with the majority of American people who have had enough of the present and growing double-whammy of mass outsourcing of American jobs and the massive illegal-alien flood---both of which are dragging this country down by creating a gigantic dichotomy between the American "haves" and the American "have nots"---with the "have nots" growing in numbers among what's left betwixt and between.

Read both postings at the above link, along with another posting of results of the recent Rasmussen poll that shows "....(66%) believe it doesn't make sense to debate new immigration laws until we can first control our borders and enforce existing laws. Just (21%) disagree..."

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